Check out the new EMC Isilon podcast

If you enjoy listening to technology-related podcasts while commuting on the bus or working out at the gym, there’s a new technology podcast about EMC Isilon that you can add to your listening queue.

The EMC Isilon ClusterTalk podcast was created by Chris Adiletta and Scott Pinzon of EMC Isilon, who also serve as its charismatic hosts. Each monthly hour-long episode features regular segments and expert guests. “Podcast discussions can be more frank and free-wheeling than in a more formal setting, so they provide a great way to address tech issues realistically,” says Scott.

From left to right, ClusterTalk hosts Chris Adiletta and Scott Pinzon
From left to right, ClusterTalk hosts and creators Chris Adiletta and Scott Pinzon

You can download the latest episode now from iTunes or listen on Stitcher.

Why a podcast?

There are several channels you can follow to get the technical information about EMC Isilon products. For example, you can download documentation from the EMC Online Support site (login required), follow @EMCIsilon on Twitter for news and updates, and ask product-related questions on our Isilon Community forum. Now you can listen to the ClusterTalk podcast to learn about tips for getting the most performance, efficiency, and insight from your EMC Isilon OneFS clusters.

“We wanted a way to connect with a large audience of customers over our passion for Isilon, the big data industry, and all of the ways that technology is pushing the boundaries of human capability,” says Chris.

Each episode features a cool command, a popular topic on the Isilon Community, and data storage-related news. You can also hear me each month on the “Hidden Gems” segment, where I reveal a new and intriguing bit of customer support content.

Scott, who also serves as the audio engineer, explains what he loves about the podcast format. “Audio is a fantastic medium for the mind. With sounds, we can help listeners imagine worlds that would require a Hollywood movie budget to create visually, or let them feel like we’re all hanging out discussing big data over beer. Podcasts are terrific for anyone who wants to always be learning!”

For more information, visit the podcast hub on the Isilon Community or show notes for the following episodes:


We value your feedback on this podcast. Listeners can also ask questions for Chris and Scott to address on the podcast. You can submit your questions by sending an email to or leaving a community comment. You can also leave your feedback on this podcast by rating it on iTunes.


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