Cars, Trucks, and VMAX All Flash

Buying a new car can be incredibly stressful, yet almost everyone goes through it at some point. How do you choose which car to get? What kind of vehicle do you need? How do you configure it? What manufacturer do you buy from? The list of questions goes on and on.

VMAX All Flash

Consumers have endless choices of vehicles, so where do they start? Many people turn to the numbers, assessing which vehicle got the best ratings. The same can be said about businesses upgrading their data center. They want to buy storage they know is going to be reliable and meet their demands.

Purchasing a new primary storage array for your modern data center in many ways is similar to purchasing a new car. CIO’s and businesses ask themselves the same questions, and also want to make sure they are spending their budget on the right product. They try to check all the right boxes: amazing performance, efficiency, features, safety, and reliability.

Vehicles that offer incredible handling and huge amounts of horsepower may be exactly what a customer wants. For others, a truck that has the performance to tow your boat to the lake in the summer is desired. No matter what the exact need is, customers require their purchase to meet their expectations every day. CIO’s require high performance and incredible speed from their storage arrays. They need storage that is going to get the job done and keep up with demanding workloads.

A vehicle can be economical in many ways. It can have great fuel-efficiency, take up less space and/or have very low cost of ownership. Space in the data center is extremely valuable and it can fill up quickly. This of course generates a lot of heat and raises operating costs. Businesses need arrays that are efficient both in space and operating costs. The more storage you can fit on one floor tile the better.

When it comes to new vehicles, configuration options such as navigation and leather seats are endless and can easily drive the price tag up! CIOs want features that make their job and their employees’ jobs easier for the least amount of additional cost.  These features should allow users to get the most out of the array and its capabilities.

Everybody likes the idea of knowing all the passengers in their car are safe. For this reason we like the idea of more safety features because we simply never know when an accident could occur. In this data driven world, customers want the same safety for their data because their companies depend on it. When it comes to mission-critical storage, safety is a top priority.

Everyday reliability is a major factor for consumers; they depend on their vehicles every day and they want the most out of their purchase. The same could be said about storage arrays. Businesses wouldn’t be able to function if they had long lengths of downtime. They need their primary storage arrays to be up and running all the time, no matter what.

VMAX All Flash
Purchasing a primary storage array is a big investment and CIO’s and business need to ensure they’re getting the right product to fit all their wants and needs. Dell EMC understands this as the market share leader in all-flash storage. Our mission-critical VMAX All Flash checks all the boxes that CIOs and businesses are looking for.

  • Performance- Dell EMC customers demand extreme performance from their VMAX All Flash and it always delivers. VMAX All Flash is blazing fast, delivering up to 4 million IOPS and 150GB per second, and thanks to cache memory, application response times are achieving 200 microseconds.
  • Efficiency- The VMAX All Flash family is extremely efficient. With inline compression, 2:1 reduction can be seen, and when combined with high efficiency snaps and zero space reclaim 4:1 storage efficiency is achieved. VMAX All Flash also has the capability to consolidate up to 4 PBe of block, file, open systems, and IBM i! This lowers total cost of ownership by reducing operating expenses and physical footprint in your data center.
  • Features- We made configuring VMAX All Flash as easy as possible, with two software packages: the F and FX packages. Every VMAX All Flash array ships with the F software package and for only 15% more you get the entire FX software package, which includes everything in the F suite plus data services such as SRDF and Unisphere, our management software! Of course, VMAX data services are available a la carte, so you can buy only what you need! Imagine if configuring a new vehicle was this simple…
  • Safety- VMAX All Flash offers rich data services such as D@RE (data at rest encryption) and SRDF active-active replication. This allows for your data to be protected and your business ready for any outage. Dell EMC ProtectPoint allows VMAX All Flash to seamlessly backup to Data Domain. This eliminates the need for traditional backup applications all while operating non-intrusively and 20 times faster. With VMAX All Flash, your data is always protected.
  • Reliability- VMAX All Flash offers just that. Mission-critical availability, active-active data center replication, non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades, and no-single point-of-failure architecture all working together to deliver over 6 nines of availability. VMAX All Flash runs at peak performance day after day, year after year. That makes VMAX a solid investment for your modern data center.

Purchasing a new car or an all-flash array is a big investment. These purchases sit in your data center, or driveway, for years to come, so you want to know that what you chose is going to last and that you will be satisfied every day. Automobile companies offer warranty with their vehicles, so buyers know that they are protected should anything come up down the road. Well, when it comes to primary storage how about this for peace of mind: all of our all-flash arrays come backed by the Xpect More Program, protecting you with a 3-year money back warranty, lifetime flash endurance protection, and lifetime maintenance price protection. Combine this with Dell EMC’s award winning global service and support and you have a real winner. VMAX All Flash is an amazing offering that checks all the boxes CIOs and businesses are looking for.

About the Author: Chad Desilets

Chad Desilets is a Product & Solutions Marketer in the Storage Division of Dell EMC. He has been with the company for over 3 years working in Services Partner Marketing before joining the Storage Marketing Team. In his current role, he focuses on solutions and verticals with a focus on healthcare.