Building a Speedway to the Modern Data Center with Rack-Scale Flash

Reflecting on our launch of DSSD D5 earlier this year, it is worth noting how Flash, especially Rack Scale Flash, is becoming a speedway for organizations to implement and operate a modern data center. Organizations are faced with many challenges and conflicting priorities including data growth and data variety, supporting an increasing number of users and devices, navigating a fiercely competitive landscape and efficiently managing shrinking budgets. Businesses are under greater pressure than ever to use their data strategically to improve decision-making and deliver next-generation business services. So, it is crucial for organizations to accelerate and optimize existing applications and develop data-driven next generation applications for the real-time digital world. To achieve these objectives, organizations need to modernize their data centers, invest in future ready technologies and ensure that the architecture supporting their data center is efficient, secure, highly available and comes with world-class support.

Rack-Scale Flash: A New All-Flash Storage Platform Built for the Modern Data Center 

Flash will be the dominant persistent memory medium for storing data in the modern data center because it delivers significantly accelerated performance compared to traditional disk and is increasingly delivering better economics. So, why is this so important? It is because processing power has steadily increased according to Moore’s Law – doubling every few years – and there is still a huge gap between CPU and memory speeds and flash media performance, to a great extent because of the network latencies. The real-time digital era requires a new architectural approach that offers large amounts of shared flash at a performance that is much closer to memory, and yet also has the capability to handle much larger data sets and many more operations. Rack-Scale Flash is that next generation, shared flash storage platform that provides an order of magnitude leap in flash performance, much closer to memory performance, and is designed to meet the demands of the emerging and next generation applications of the connected, digitally transformed world while delivering a crucial link to the existing high-performance and data-intensive applications of today.

As organizations transform to the modern data center, Rack-Scale Flash will enable them to be more competitive, more innovative and more efficient. Rack-Scale flash, like EMC’s DSSD, will help organizations benefit from the vast opportunities offered by the digital world, making flash a key component of the modern data center.

About the Author: CJ Desai