Building a Case for Better IT in Manufacturing

Monday morning.
 You wake up to the sound of your alarm and start to get ready for another workweek. You turn off the ceiling fan and lights to your bedroom and head down to the kitchen to make a sandwich for lunch. You grab a bag of chips from the pantry, throw it in your lunch bag, put on your jacket and head out the door to your job at the oil rig.

Just about everything you’ve come into contact with this morning, and on a daily basis, has been manufactured by someone or some company. These manufacturing companies, despite putting out vastly different products, are not much different from one another.

So what do a ceiling fan, potato chip, and clothing manufacturer have in common?

They all rely on IT to support their business.

Whether you’re a technician testing for fan noise levels, or an employee updating raw materials availability as corn and potatoes arrive at processing facilities, you need the technology you use to be readily available and uninterrupted. Manufacturing companies cannot afford to slow down or completely stop production because of IT limitations and outages.

Gary Bimson, Network Manager at Old Dutch Foods, explains, “If we had an IT outage, our plants would come to a halt. Within hours, all inventories would have to be scrapped. That represents a significant amount of money. The two Vblock Systems allow our plants to stay up and running.”

manufacturing 2When your business is running on converged infrastructure from VCE, you can be rest assured knowing that the core components of your datacenter – servers, storage and networking – have been engineered to work seamlessly together. IT no longer gets in the way of you doing your job, but instead provides value to it.

“Moving to a Vblock System allows the business to focus on innovation and expansion without being burdened by IT limitations. We can now provide IT resources to the business far more quickly, so our management team is more confident when making strategic decisions that will impact growth,” says Justin Beauchamp, IT Infrastructure Manager at McCoy Global, who has virtualized 97% of his company’s end-user computing environment with VMware Horizon (with View) running 400 virtual desktops.

And with VCE’s single-call support, your IT department has backup when issues do arise, or when they’re just looking to maximize their ROI.

“The VCE Support model has greatly exceeded our expectations,” says Rick Brandl, IT Director for Hunter Fan Company. “Having a single line of support to handle all three aspects of our infrastructure is tremendous, saving countless hours we can now spend on activities to help the business grow.”

Michael Leeper, Senior Manager of IT Engineering at Columbia Sportswear Company, adds, “With our critical SAP applications on the resilient Vblock Systems, backed by VCE’s universal, single-call support, we rest easy knowing that the crown jewels of our IT infrastructure are protected in the best way possible.”

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About the Author: JP Gallagher