Bricks and mortar – good for banks – not so much for today’s IT

Did you know that the branch office concept was developed by financial institution in Europe to support the expansion of international trade in the early 20th century? Branches typically offered full service banking and were often housed in imposing buildings, often in a neoclassical architecture style. Sounds appropriate for a bank…

Of course we know the branch office model is alive and well almost a century later. Many organizations invest in branch and regional offices and associated staffing to provide localized services to customers, to expand market reach, and to bring the organization closer to its customer, and this is true in both the private and public sectors.

Too bad that IT services delivered to branch offices users often seem to have the characteristics of the legacy bricks and mortar paradigm–rigid, slow and stuck in time. Users accessing windows applications and virtualized desktops across the WAN are costly, and WAN access presents a single point of failure for the branch office employeeany network issue can dramatically impact employee productivitynot to mention putting the IT group in a bad light and triggering a network support incident.

Dell and VMware have teamed up to optimize desktop performance for branch office users with an architecture that combines Dell DVS Enterprise for VMware Horizon View and Dell SonicWall WAN Acceleration and Firewall appliances (WXA/Firewall). This branch office deployment architecture facilitates optimized access to applications and accessing remote data or services with the VMware View. This joint solution helps bolster worker productivity, drive down costs and ensure maximum uptime for branch office users.

While I will not try to detail the entire architecture in this post, (details are in this document) the combination of DVS Enterprise with VMware Horizon View and Dell SonicWall WXA/Firewall to deliver virtual desktops as a service to branch office users ensures network constraints and support processes can all be accommodated without impacting performance or productivity of users. This architecture facilitates local end user compute resources to the remote branch office providing optimized access to applications for branch office users.

We have built this architecture to help you cast off the perception that IT systems are locked in a legacy bricks and mortar model. Check out how the Dell DVS Enterprise Branch Office desktop is architected in the Dell DVS Enterprise with VMware Horizon View Reference Architecture at or contact your Dell Partner Direct Reseller

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About the Author: Brent Doncaster

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