Breaking News: Introducing EMC Pulse

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Today we are unveiling EMC Pulse, the new go-to venue for EMC product & technology news. We’re moving breaking product and technology news from a traditional press release format over to EMC Pulse in order to offer concise, entertaining, approachable and visually interesting information about all things technology at EMC.

Check out the video—Jeremy Burton, EVP of Product Operations and Marketing, outlines the mission of EMC Pulse. John Roese, EMC ‘s Chief Technology Officer offers a glimpse into how EMC is thinking about its past, its present and …most importantly…its future.

Below is a transcript of the video:
JEREMY BURTON: Welcome. My name is Jeremy Burton and I’m here today with our Chief Technology Officer, John Roese. Welcome John.

JOHN ROESE: Thank you, Jeremy.

JB: We’re here today to talk about EMC Pulse. Now, what is EMC Pulse? It really is the definitive source of news around technology and products from EMC. Now in the past, most of you probably have consumed this information from a traditional corporate press release. What I’m pleased to say is that we’re going to produce all of that information in a traditional blog. We’re still going to do press releases, but that’s really going to be geared towards EMC’s corporate announcements, our tier one announcements, if you like.

Now then, a lot of people don’t really appreciate that there about 170 million interactions every year between EMC and the people – you – who used our products. Our goal with EMC Pulse was really to be able to provide more detailed information in a way that you would like to consume it. So you’re not just going to get the regular texts, we also can link to other interesting articles in social networks on that we think are related to the product announcements.

What I’m particularly pleased about is we’re now going to be able to feature some of our key people and personalities within the EMC community.

We’ve got thousands and thousands of engineers here at EMC, and the goal is to try and bring these announcements in their own words and really allow you to talk directly to the folks who build and are involved with our product line.

So to tell us in a little bit more detail about what we’re going to see on EMC Pulse, let me hand it over to John.

JR: Thanks, Jeremy.

I’ve spent most of my career as a global CTO in large technology companies. I joined EMC for one very specific reason: That was that the company is probably one of the best armed and positioned in the industry where we think about the future being around cloud, big data, and trust. Now from a technology strategy of the company, which really will kind of encompass what you’ll see on this site, we live in an era of what I describe as rapid and sometimes disruptive evolutions. And what that means is that a company like EMC doesn’t get the luxury of just going and talking about the hot topic of the day; we actually have to tie it with the technology of the present.

Obviously you know us as one of the best providers of technology that’s enabled the industry to get where it’s at. We’re one of the strongest players in the industry around storage and analytics and virtualization. But what you’re going to learn from us is that we’re spending a great deal of time making sure that we arm the customer with the technologies of the future. That future will include solid state memory and flash; it’ll include new creative uses of analytics and big data and information consumption. And so, having a place where you can tie this very strong heritage, the ability and capabilities to support our existing customers and the existing market, and to actually show you how you expand that toolkit to include the technologies of the future in one place, I think is going to be very powerful.

So, I’m thrilled to be here, thrilled to be involved in this, and I think it’s going to be a great forum for everybody involved.

JB: Thanks John.

Well, let me leave you today by asking you or inviting you to come read about EMC and their technology and products up on EMC Pulse, and also interact with our technical experts on the EMC online community. Thank you.


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