Breakfast with ECS: ECS and Hadoop – The More You Know…

Welcome to another edition of Breakfast with ECS, a series where we take a look at issues related to cloud storage and ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage), EMC’s cloud-scale storage platform.

In a previous blog of this series, you heard from my colleague Nikhil about the challenges of storing and reasoning over immense amounts of globally generated data. The blog also touched upon how EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) system can provide a scale-out platform for global access, disaster recovery and analytics.

I recently sat down with Nikhil to talk more about ECS’s Analytics capabilities.

In the video below, we talk about major themes we hear from our customers about Hadoop storage. When Hadoop has evolved around HDFS as it’s primary filesystem, what would be the impetus for enterprises to choose ECS HDFS as their analytics backend instead?

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We then proceeded to whiteboard a typical Hadoop-ECS deployment. Nikhil tells us about ECS’s multi-protocol access, it’s Java HCFS implementation, the deployment and configuration experience with Apache Ambari and performance considerations.

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