Breakfast with ECS: The Secret Sauce for Cloud Service Providers

Welcome to another edition of Breakfast with ECS, a series where we take a look at issues related to cloud storage and ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage), EMC’s cloud-scale storage platform.

Breakfast wtih ECSWhen organizations search the hundreds of Cloud Service Providers out in the market to partner with, it can quickly become an extremely daunting task.  Most CSP’s claim to offer unique, expertly managed services that will ‘transform’ or ‘redefine’ or ‘fully optimize’ your IT strategy – all at different and somewhat confusing tiers of cost.  The truth is, entrusting a third party to securely store and manage your data is no easy decision for any organization.

For CSP’s, it’s no secret that having a flexible object-based platform as part of their storage portfolio is a key advantage. CSP’s love object storage for two main reasons: high scalability and low cost. Object storage is infinitely scalable. Need more capacity? Simply add more nodes to the environment. Most object storage platform offerings also leverage low cost commodity infrastructure (x86 servers, SATA drives, etc.) to deliver the cloud-scale economics that most large public cloud providers benefit from. These platforms also do not require expensive disk controllers and RAID implementations often featured in traditional file-based systems.

Munich based CSP Global Access, who specialize in Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Storage-as-a-Service, and Backup-as-a-Service, looked to EMC to provide a secure, highly scalable object-based platform to deploy their new cloud services at scale and at a low cost that they would be able to pass down to their customers.  With no vendor lock-in, enterprise grade security and performance, proven results – and now with ECS in their data center – Global Access can continue to provide a suite of comprehensive cloud services with the highest security and compliance standards worldwide.

Read the Global Access customer profile for the full story on how they implemented EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS).

Daniel Lehman, Key Account Manager of Global Access, says “Some of the things we are able to do to offer low storage prices – are possible but not to grow in the same sizes like with ECS.  With ECS it can be one, two, five, or even ten petabytes with no problem. That’s adding more building blocks but it’s not a problem to grow to these sizes. Automated replication to different locations is integrated as well so we don’t have to worry about how it works – that’s a function of ECS. This can be complicated to offer with other storage products from different vendors as well from EMC so this is one of the unique things of ECS for us.”

Watch the full video below to hear more about how Global Access uses ECS to offer new specialized cloud services to their customers.

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