Bluesoc set for success with Dell OEM Solutions

When asked to give examples of the products Dell OEM Solutions helps to create there are so many choices, from arcade games, to medical ultrasound equipment through to payment kiosks. These are the kinds of everyday use cases that most people immediately grasp, but there are so many more. IT appliances are so entrenched in our business that its easy to overlook them for ‘shinier’ examples of the OEM group’s work, but actually the appliance space perfectly demonstrates the challenges we help ISV’s overcome.

Last week we made an announcement about a customer of ours in Spain – Bluesoc – that selected Dell OEM Solutions to help deliver its extremely innovative Business Security Intelligence (BSI) software as a hardware appliance. Like many small ISVs Bluesoc’s main issue wasn’t around developing good software (in this case they actually possessed some very clever code that had been developed at one of Spain’s leading banks); instead, their challenges were around getting their software to market, supporting their install base and ultimately scaling out their operations as the business grows.

The appliance form-factor is an increasingly popular way of delivering software for a number of reasons:

  • You no longer have to test your software against multiple platform configurations
  • You avoid many of the support issues that can arise when customers are left to install software on the platforms of their choice.
  • You can guarantee a certain level of hardware performance
  • You make the product far easier for third-party resellers to take to market
  • Fundamentally, you remove most of the unknowns from the hardware side of the equation

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) market in which Bluesoc plays, is dynamic, rapidly growing and extremely competitive, with a number of big names like Arcsight, CA, IBM and Symantec fighting it out with other up-and-coming vendors. For Bluesoc to really compete with some of these companies it not only requires first-class technology (that almost goes without saying), but an ability to punch above its weight by acting and thinking like a bigger company.

With our global supply chain and network at its disposal, Bluesoc can be far more aggressive in targeting new markets and growing its business. Bluesoc is able to slip off the shackles that constrain so many small software vendors and concentrate on innovation and execution, leaving processes which lie outside of their core capabilities to the experts at Dell.

In EMEA in particular, the recent economic challenges forced many companies of all types and sizes to take stock of their strategies and evaluate what was key to their success. For ISV’s this kind of ‘belt and braces’ approach has made them look at leaner and more streamlined go-to-market strategies. Anything that doesn’t add value should be cut out, and anything that can be outsourced should be placed in the hands of the experts. If you are an ISV like Bluesoc then Dell OEM Solutions may be a key partner in the growth of your business.

About the Author: Paul Collier