It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Data Domain!

supermanFaster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…  Ok, this time I’m talking about Superman.  But I think you see where I’m going with this.  If you’re looking for superhero performance in your data protection, you should take a look at the latest and greatest numbers we have on a couple of the newest members to the Data Domain portfolio.

You might already know that we’ve had some big announcements in 2014 with the release of DD Boost for Enterprise Applications earlier this year and the introduction of the DD2200, a new entry-level system, at EMC World.

DD Boost for Enterprise Applications works towards eliminating accidental architectures by empowering Database Admins (DBAs) to control their own backups using native utilities and backing up directly to Data Domain systems. DD Boost technology also distributes parts of the deduplication process to the application so that only unique data is sent across the network enabling faster, more efficient backups.

The DD2200 redefined data protection for the mid market by offering an affordable protection storage platform that delivers enterprise class benefits including the Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture, which provides the industry’s best defense against data integrity issues. recently tested these products together with DD Boost for SQL writing to a DD2200. The results are in and the numbers speak for themselves. Take a look at the two charts towards the end of the report, and you can see that when implementing this solution in an environment with a 10 G line with CIFS, backup performance doubles.  If that’s not impressive enough, with a 1 G line the improvement is up, up and a-way off the charts!

Bottom line, no matter what your backup environment looks like, the combination of DD Boost and Data Domain systems will deliver unbeatable performance that would even impress the Man of Steel!


View the full report from here.

About the Author: Alyson Langon

Alyson Langon has 9+ years of IT industry experience in Product Marketing at Dell Technologies. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from American University and has an MBA from Boston College.  Alyson currently leads the team responsible for developing messaging and driving marketing strategy for Dell’s Infrastructure as-a-Service offers.