Bing Maps team details appeal of Dell Modular Data Center

To get an idea of how the Bing Maps team at Microsoft has cut energy consumption and, in turn, costs by using Dell’s Modular Data Center, take a look at a recent blog from Barton George.

When members of the Bing Maps imagery team discussed why they chose Dell they touched on cost but the following plusses were highlighted:

  • Engineering team’s technical acumen and flexibility
  • Support for Microsoft’s desire to tread an untraditional path
  • No unwanted extras were pushed on the client

Barton’s post has plenty information on Bing Maps’ microsite, including a case study with data on just  how much the Modular Data Center solution helped cut costs.

The approach that the imagery team suits their needs and circumstances. Streamlining and automating are common approaches to data center cutting overhead.

The steps that you take to achieve data center efficiency could be much different. Feel free to share feedback running lean data centers.

About the Author: Nicole Smith