Big Business Performance for Small Business Budgets

We've been talking about the PowerEdge R815 a lot lately, and for good reason. We've expanded our AMD PowerEdge server portfolio, which is continuing to garner industry praise and attention. In May, we launched the PowerEdge R815, which was our first AMD 11th Generation PowerEdge server.  And the reviews have been steadily rolling in. Many have focused on key features, such as the 48 processor core scalability in a 2U form factor, robust memory footprint, dual internal SD module for fail-safe virtualization as well as our embedded management capabilities.  But today, I want to share another aspect that makes the PowerEdge R815 a great choice, and that is "value".

 Until recently, the greater pro­cessing power and memory footprint that 4-socket servers provided came at a steep premium relative to the cost of 2-socket servers, leaving many customers with no choice but to opt for a 2-socket system due to budgetary constraints. With the launch of AMD's 6100 series processors and the PowerEdge R815, customers, even small to midsized organizations, are able to get the advantages of 4-socket performance for a 2-socket price and in a 2U form factor.

The latest review calls this out by stating the PowerEdge R815's AMD advantage versus its Intel competitors. "The AMD chips are available with a lower power envelope than for Intel's Xeon 7500s which, depending on the exact processors used, can make the R815 cheaper to run. Plus the chips themselves are a lot less expensive, and Dell is marketing the R815 as a "budget" solution for smaller companies wanting to maximise performance without breaking the bank."

PC PRO picked up on essentially the same fact stating that "AMD's Opteron 6100 has the measure of Intel's 5600 Xeons and stacks up well against the 6500 and 7500s. Quad-socket applications are where it really scores, though, and Dell's aggressive pricing for the PowerEdge R815 makes this a reality for SMBs looking to move up to 4P servers and get more processing density out of their rack cabinets."

In conclusion, the PowerEdge R815 offers the robust 4-socket performance that a growing company can really utilize, without paying the traditional 4-socket pricing penalty.

I think summed it up the best by saying that, "the R815 delivers enterprise level performance at a price that's more affordable to small businesses.  You don't have to spend a fortune to get the kind of performance and availability buyers now expect and, in our opinion, the R815 represents very good value for money."

About the Author: Brook Lester