Big, Bigger and Biggest – The Business Impact of Big Data Part 4

Over the past few weeks, my conversation with Stephen Manley, Chief Technology Officer of EMC Core Technologies, had led us on a journey of discovery and adventure as we lifted the hood on the Big Data engine that will drive the future success of businesses around the world.

Among the many revelations, here’s a synopsis of what we learned in the first three parts of our 4-part podcast series:

  1. By leveraging past and present data from multiple diverse sources, it presents unprecedented opportunity for businesses to pinpoint and fine-tune their strategic direction
  2. The benefits that can be derived from Big Data require the fortitude to face challenges and make changes that enable the prescribed course
  3. Businesses face an uncertain future and potential failure if they don’t protect their biggest asset

ST002355Today’s final episode moves us away from the speculative and into the realm of reality as Stephen describes his experience – the ‘aha’ moments and the pitfalls – with building a data lake from the ground up.

If you missed any of the episodes in our podcast series, you can tune in here to catch the whole conversation:

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Thank you for joining us for our Big Data podcast series. To learn more about EMC’s Big Data solutions, check out the following resources:

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Happy mining of your Big Data opportunity!

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