Big, Bigger and Biggest – The Business Impact of Big Data Part 2

If you caught Part 1 of our 4-part podcast series on Big Data, you will have heard Stephen Manley, EMC Core Technologies Chief Technology Officer, provide his unique perspective on what Big Data is and why it offers such huge potential for businesses to thrive and grow.

Stephen’s introduction speaks to a topic that is flooding the technology channels and promising unprecedented transformation  but not without careful evaluation and consideration of the complex relationship between you, your data, and your future business objectives.

big data hands head

This week we take a look at the flip side and explore some of the risks and challenges faced by businesses as they begin the process of stepping into their labyrinth of data sources. And in response to one of the biggest challenges, the proliferation of silo’d data, Stephen elaborates on how a data lake can serve as a central component of any business’s big data strategy.

We hope these insights will help make a “big” difference to how you visualize and plan your approach to your pool of big data. Invite your colleagues to listen in, subscribe to The Core blog, and stay tuned for Part 3, which will address a very critical concern – how to extend comprehensive protection across and beyond your data lake.  If you did happen to miss Part 1, you can listen to and enjoy it here.

Dive in and enjoy!

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