Beyond the Numbers: Real World Perspectives on Dell Boomi Total Cost of Ownership

Hot on the tail of our last blog post, we can’t help but do a little more highlighting about Bloor Research’s findings on Dell Boomi’s time-to-value and total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits – there’s no denying that we’re proud to be saving our clients time and money!  

At the same time however, we also recognize that although numbers are important, they aren’t everything. No matter how much the time or money savings, if customers aren’t happy, return on investment is still jeopardized. That’s why Bloor Research went beyond the numbers, and explored qualitative benefits through conversations with several Dell Boomi customers.

Of course, we want you to read the paper for the whole story, but here’s what a few of our customers included in the findings had to say:

Panasas – who is a provider of high performance parallel storage solutions for technical computing applications and big data workloads – uses Dell Boomi for integration between its on-premise and cloud applications, and to support B2B communications with manufacturing partners. Panasas reported to Bloor Research that Dell Boomi’s 30 day trial offering was a major factor in the decision to select Dell Boomi for cloud integration, stating, “We have found the product very easy to use and the business has been able to automate processes that previously required the manual re-entry of data, allowing us to reduce errors and become more efficient. Improved resource utilization has been a major benefit for us along with cost savings.”

The second example is Brady Corporation, a manufacturer of products to help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance, including high-performance labels and signs, safety devices, printing systems and software, and precision die-cut materials. Brady Corporation had previously used IBM products to support application integration, but now it’s using Dell Boomi to integrate cloud-based applications with on-premise systems. They told Bloor Research that they’re fans of Dell Boomi’s subscription-based model, and that the solution “has a very small footprint, is very lightweight, is very scalable and ‘it just runs’.”

These are just two examples of our customer success. To read about more customer perspectives on Dell Boomi, including AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah and Enterprise Business Partners, check out the Bloor Research white paper, available now on the Dell Boomi website.

About the Author: Ralph Hibbs