Beyond Service…

We all know Service is People. As a customer, you are experiencing good service when you are dealing with a friendly, efficient, skilled professional – this is the obvious. Beyond Service are also the values held by these professionals and instilled in their daily work.


Emanuele Mazza was one of these professionals, a highly esteemed member of the Customer Service team in Italy. He loved his job, having the daily opportunity to help customers solve issues. Emanuele passed away in 2011, at the age of 35. He was and still is very much missed by his colleagues who wanted to honor his memory and at the same time, exemplify the values by which Emanuele worked in EMC: professionalism, dedication and team spirit.

Italy Divisional Service Director Mauro Scotti initiated discussions with the prestigious Politecnico Di Milano University in order to establish the sponsorship of a scholarship in Emanuele’s name and thus perpetuate his values.

On April 11th, Mauro was honored to represent EMC Italy at the ceremony for the first scholarship awarded in memory of Emanuele Mazza.

Borsa di studio E.Mazza2 - Aprile 2014.JPG.jpg

  Left to right: awarded student, Emanuele’s father, Mauro Scotti, Chancellor of Politecnico Di Milano

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