Beyond Boundaries: ECM for the Digital Era

Each year, as part of EMC World, the Enterprise Content Division (ECD) hosts its annual Momentum user conference, where 1,000 customers and partners gather to share best practices, network, and hear what’s new and on the roadmap.

This year, we’ve taken the theme “BEYOND” to the extreme. From our #BeyondExcited pre-show Mo & Tim video series and extreme rock-climbing and mountain-elevated booth, to our virtual reality demo and 3D-like keynote, we’re going beyond anything we’ve done before.

But more importantly, we’re also going beyond tradition – breaking the norm for the enterprise content management (ECM) industry – and dramatically reinventing the way we support our customers and help them digitally transform.


Today, I’m incredibly proud to announce EMC LEAP, the realization of our vision for next-generation content management, previously known as “Project Horizon”.  It’s a fundamentally different approach to ECM and to other solutions currently in the market.

Typically ECM systems have been feature-rich, monolithic and on-premises platforms, heavily focused on business and IT requirements. But with EMC LEAP, we’re taking an un-ECM approach; we’re focused on targeted, purpose-built and modular apps that are designed cloud-first and address both business and user requirements. Specifically, we have announced the following new capabilities:

  • A suite of intuitive, purpose-built enterprise content apps that provide effortless engagement with content and solve digital business challenges.
  • A new product family – including both EMC and third-party content apps, a modular platform – that transforms interactions with business content and accelerates digital transformation.
  • Five apps that are designed to work with any content repository, but are engineered to work “better together” with the Documentum family of content management products.
  • A new customer and partner program that includes a revolutionary customer loyalty benefit, providing free access to specific apps for existing Documentum customers.

Our goal with the EMC LEAP family is to humanize the experience of interacting with business content. We believe that beautiful, intuitive, and purpose-built apps drive engagement across customers, employees, partners and suppliers. This level of engagement enables superior customer service, greater agility and new business opportunities, and is a key marker of a successful digital business.

We believe this new product family and ECM approach will delight our customers and open up new opportunities for them to begin digital transformation. I encourage you to read the press release to hear what our beta customers and partners have to say.


With data being created at an estimated rate of 2500PB per day, organizations are struggling to keep up. There are also increasing regulations causing organizations to maintain data longer periods of time. And, as enterprises modernize their data center and applications, a solution that archives legacy apps to reduce costs – while continuing to make data available to the organization – is required.

That’s where the new InfoArchive 4.0 comes in. EMC InfoArchive 4.0 is a unified enterprise platform that powers extreme compliant archiving scenarios at petabyte scale. Its newly architected platform is scalable, yet, also comes in a small footprint. It delivers enhanced user experience with increased time to value, compliance and accessibility. It’s designed to address enterprise data challenges, particularly around regulated industries such as Financial Services and Healthcare.

Also new is our support for SAP data and systems. With InfoArchive 4.0, we can help customers reduce costs of migrating, upgrading, and supporting data and systems.

InfoArchive 4.0 still offers the same application decommissioning, cost-saving, and data insight benefits as before. Our customers love that we’re pushing the limits for them, from scale and cost savings, to compliance and better user experiences.


And finally, we’ve spent a lot of time with our Documentum customers to understand where we could go beyond expectations for them. Their feedback has been that Documentum is feature-rich, but that sometimes customers are challenged with deploying, upgrading and maintaining it.

So what we’re doing is taking a new, cloud-first approach to our existing products and solutions. With the next version EMC is expecting to dramatically reduce the TCO of operating and maintaining Documentum by leveraging state-of-the-art container technology and implementing in-place rolling upgrades.  We expect to run it in our production cloud environment and make it generally available later in the year thereby reducing the risk and burden off our customers.

On top of this, we’re identifying Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) metrics that we believe can be achieved, testing them, and then delivering results to our customers before they buy or upgrade. This approach – plus our cloud-choice offerings available through Documentum as a Service – is going beyond what customers expect from typical ECM vendors.

I’m beyond excited for this year’s Momentum (#MMTM16) and our ability to help our customers on their digital transformation journey.  Through our years of experience, challenger mindset and extensive portfolio – comprising of Documentum, InfoArchive and now LEAP – we are going beyond boundaries and reinventing the ECM market.

About the Author: Rohit Ghai