Bakers Half Dozen – Episode 3

The magic number 3 works its ways to bring us the third episode of Bakers Half Dozen. Matt takes the time to answer:

  • What’s faster…the speed of light or edge computing?
  • What will the new capabilities of 5G unlock and how will they raise the bar for customer expectations?
  • Could Jet Li’s karate kicks become digitized?

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Episode 2 Show Notes:

Introduction with Matt Baker

Item 1 – Edge Computing

Item 2 – 5g and the IoT

Item 3 — As the mobile industry standardizes on a path to wider 5G connectivity, what happens to consumer expectations around application performance?

Item 4 – IT is the #1 use case for AI

Item 5 – Amazon Recruiting with AI

Item 6 – NatureFresh Farms Data Wave

Item 6.5 – Jet Li leaves Hollywood


Matt Baker

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