Baker’s Half Dozen — Episode 16

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In episode 16, we discuss the highs and lows of air travel. We ask the question, “is newer always better?” We also debate what technology is here to stay post COVID-19. How will that technology effect cities, personal health, and voting?

We also discuss the ethics of tracking user data through a MAC address. And lastly, make sure to thank a teacher, as they’ve added Tech Support to their many hats they already wear. We explain all this and more, on this episode of Baker’s Half Dozen… with Matt Baker!

Episode 16 Show Notes:

Item 1: F-16 Viper fighter jet in a virtual dogfight

Item 2: 3.5” floppy disks for critical software updates

Item 3: Huge second-order effects

Item 4: Would you like your watch to tell you to chill out?

Item 5: Tracking of users without any ability to opt-out

Item 6: Shout out to the teachers!

Item 6.5: My spidey senses are tingling!

Matt Baker

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