Baker’s Half Dozen — Episode 15

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Not all tech needs to be overly complex. Occam’s Razor suggests the simpler solution is often the best solution, but it’s not always that easy. We also ponder why farmers don’t discuss edge computing and what flaws need to  be addressed with our Machine Learning and AI projects. Finally, do you catch yourself waving at the end of each Zoom call?  If you’re nodding yes, it’s probably because of the first thing you learned to do as an infant. We explain all this and more, on episode 15 of Baker’s Half Dozen… with Matt Baker!

Episode 15 Show Notes:

Item 1: COVID19 mask detection system

Item 2: You say Tractor; I say Edge computing.

Item 3: Your tools may be inefficient.

Item 4: GPT-2 is a powerful prediction engine.

Item 5: Examining ML preexisting racial biases.

Item 6: Did we reach our computational limits?

Item 6.5: Buh-Bye!

Matt Baker

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