Backup Goes To Bat For Louisville Slugger


The ultimate moment in any sport is the championship, and bringing home the trophy is the pinnacle of success! The World Series has begun and this year we have a matchup between two Wild Card teams. Baseball is a slightly unfamiliar sport to me. From what I understand, these two teams shouldn’t have made it this far. With that said, this matchup should provide us a suspenseful postseason and perhaps some magical moments.

I recently had the opportunity to learn more about baseball while sitting down with several members of the Louisville Slugger team. The Louisville Slugger story began 120-year ago with a 17-year-old kid producing the first Louisville Slugger baseball bat and changing baseball history. Until these conversations, I hadn’t thought about the precision that goes into manufacturing a bat or the superstitions and rituals of the players. Here’s a fast fact for you: Slugger bats have been used in every World Series, dating all the way back to the first one in 1903.

When I asked what data protection meant to this iconic brand name, I heard statements such as…

  • It’s important to embrace cloud services and protect mobile employees, as well as factory and marketing users
  • Mozy is a fundamental game changer
  • Users can manage their own file and folder recovery needs
  • IT can monitor backups without investing a lot of time
  • Knowing that the organization’s data is protected provides a sense of confidence
  • My data is still going to be there for me to access, even if there is loss of a machine or a natural disaster

One of my favorite quotes from these conversations came from Rick Redman, VP of Corporate Communications, “Data loss for any company—and certainly for our company—would be devastating because it would set us back in being able to compete, and we are in a highly, highly competitive business”.

Check out the full Louisville Slugger interview and learn why they chose Mozy by EMC for their enterprise cloud backup solution.

About the Author: Lisa Matzdorff