Back from the Bay Area with a fist full of cloudy videos

Last week I made the trek out of the Lone Star state and headed west to the Bay Area.  I spent the first day in San Francisco where I took our sales folks through my cloud presentation and then had meetings with a few members of the press.  Here is the outcome of a couple of those meetings:


Down on the Peninsula

From the city I headed down to Santa Clara and the Cloud Computing Expo.  I don’t think I saw a single customer at the event but I did run into a bunch of interesting companies in attendance.  With my trusty Flip Mino I even recorded a bunch of interviews that I will be rolling out in the days to come.  Here’s the list

  • 3Tera — Barry Lynn, CEO
  • Heroku — Oren Teich head of product
  • Oracle VM — Adam Hawley, Director of Product management
  • Gluster — Hitesh Cellani, CEO and Jack O’Brien head of marketing
  • The Planet — Rob Walters, director of product management
  • Stoneware — Rick German, CEO
  • Cloud Camp — Dave Nielsen, co-founder

Stay tuned.


A Zoho billboard in the San Jose airport, right in the heart of Google country.

Pau for now…

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