B.I.G Data and Analytics Have Become Notorious


As Biggie Smalls stated, “It was all a dream.” Big Data and Analytics are now notorious! Together, they’re transforming the way businesses run and dictating critical business decisions. In 2015, enterprises are now beginning to realize the benefits of Big Data and how their overall success relies on how they use and protect it.

What is Big Data?

Big Data has become notorious because many businesses find the big data explosion and competitive advantage to be overwhelming. Everyone is talking about it, reading about it, and wants to use it. We all know the power of the Internet and how it’s changed businesses operations but what is Big Data? Gartner defines Big Data as “high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets.” Data is being produced 24/7 by digital processors, social media exchanges, and our very own mobile devices. 

How do I start reaping the benefits of Big Data?

Start reaping the benefits of Big Data through analytics. According to Gartner, Big Data Analytics is “a catch-all term for a variety of different business intelligence and application-related initiatives. In 2015 Gartner believes, analytics will take center stage as the volume of data generated by embedded systems increases,” but here’s the lowdown: EMC believes that every business has different information assets and not everyone’s application-related initiatives are the same.

For example, by applying analytics to different critical business issues, enterprises are now able to discover attacks that are sometimes missed by traditional tools and analyze live streaming data. It’s time for businesses to set the rules allowing their own security teams to act quickly. EMC enables you to do this with its Federation Business Data Lake Solution. Think of this as a virtual closet allowing you to store, analyze and design anything you need.

The Business Data Lake sets the foundation for a variety of use cases allowing you to bring data and analytics to a seamless storage site. EMC offers Big Data Solutions that are designed for any type of enterprise. For example, one of EMC’s featured solutions is the Hadoop Starter Kit, which allows you to run hadoop-as-a-service.

Now that I am able to derive all of this value from my data, how can I ensure it is protected?

With all of this valuable data cultivating at an alarming velocity, volume, and variety, businesses must start looking into how they can protect it. EMC offers Data Protection Solutions for Big Data that can help organizations tackle Big Data projects while reaching new markets. This requires data protection solutions that are high-speed, scalable, and flexible. Insufficient data protection could have BIG consequences including data loss and unplanned downtime. EMC Data Domain systems are able to provide the data protection you need to ensure your data is recoverable and accessible when you need it.

So… “If you don’t know, now you know!” Connect with EMC to discuss your Big Data and analytic plan.

About the Author: Amy McCue