Avoiding a software “crisis” by leveraging a tier-one hardware manufacturer

Recently, I was reading a post on the blog CTO Edge. The piece, “A Software Crisis is Waiting to Happen,” caught by eye and I couldn’t help but dial this IT-level conversation back a bit to the OEM solutions our customers build to sell to IT customers.

The quote that really got me thinking about this from the OEM perspective…

As a result, there are frequently large numbers of defects in software that have to be fixed at great cost before they have an adverse impact on the business. In fact, a survey of 336 influencers of software development projects conducted by Forrester Consulting  finds that 40 percent of them have had issues with third-party code and, most surprisingly, only 35 percent manually review that code. And yet, the survey also finds that 74 percent said developers are being held more responsible for the quality of their applications.

Granted this is an article addressing IT software-development projects, but if we dial it back to the OEM level, we have a really compelling OEM-level conversation starting point.

Dell OEM helps customers leverage Dell-standard hardware to bring their IP-based (software) to new markets without the associated costs and logistical challenges of having to scale or allocate new resources.

The issue  of application testing could be mitigated by working with a Tier-One supplier to be a single source for all hardware, services (from engineering to design through the supply chain and in-field support) and more of the standard-software stack. 

Dell’s global footprint, lifecycle management, standards-based hardware and increased focus on the software stack (through our recent acquisitions) mean customers can work with us, a single supplier, for every part of their IP-based product design, development, procurement and support.

Dell has acquired several of the key small players in the software market (KACE, Compellent, Boomi) who may have been viewed as too small for large companies to choose while they were independent but who offer (as part of Dell) the standardized software necessary to drive the products IT end users need for successful implementations with fewer headaches and greater stability.

Dell OEM Solutions streamlined the process for our customers so they can offer their customers (the IT users) more reliable, fully-customizable products with greater standardization and quality assurance throughout more of the software stack, lower overall costs and optimal change management.

Do you agree that Tier-One manufacturers can help mitigate the coming “software crisis” in the IT industry because there are so many providers who all have different standards for testing and quality assurance?

About the Author: Karen Siuda