AvePoint and Dell Storage compression technology help SharePoint users manage Big Data

 Posted on behalf of John Hodges.  John is Vice President of Global Account Product Management at AvePoint, and works directly with the company’s product management and research & development teams in the design and implementation of new SharePoint solutions that help organizations solve the business challenges they face every day. John has been actively engaged in the SharePoint community for several years, working with many Fortune 500 companies to develop successful SharePoint solutions that meet their unique and stringent business specifications. John received his engineering degree from Columbia University, in New York City.

 Data makes the world go ‘round. Think about it. How do you make a decision? If you’re like me, you pore over documents containing raw data to better inform you of the situation at hand and apply it in order to gain requisite knowledge. Once you (hopefully) gain enough knowledge based on your application of the data, you then have the wisdom to make a decision.

While you’re accessing data – including Word files, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, videos, and podcasts – you may want to share it with colleagues using collaboration platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint. And the sheer amount of data is growing at an ever increasing rate. According to a McKinsey report, “Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity”, there is a 40 percent projected growth in global data generated per year. In my role at AvePoint, I have the chance to meet with clients representing some of the largest SharePoint deployments on the globe! Common words I hear from IT managers: How do I pay for this new Storage? We cannot allow new SharePoint content without giving storage back from other sources. We have experienced 3 years of 100 percent year-over-year growth, in SharePoint, how do we avoid buying new servers?

So the amount of data continues to rise rapidly – but where will it all be stored? Thanks to myriad industry regulations, you can’t just delete data once you’re finished with it. Many organizations must find ways to archive the data in perpetuity, even if it is used just once. Data center storage requirements continue to grow, and many IT departments are faced with figuring out how to handle archive, backup, and binary large object (BLOB) data without slowing day-to-day business operations down to a crawl.

Our company, AvePoint – a SharePoint management and governance solutions provider – has teamed up with Dell in order to help optimize companies’ SharePoint storage architecture and offer a fully integrated, comprehensive solution for complete SharePoint lifecycle management – more scale, efficiency, and productivity while lowering the potential for business disruption. Our technology works seamlessly with the DX Object Storage Platform to manage SharePoint archives, backup data, and BLOB data in order to lessen the pain of the rapid data accumulation. (We’re not the only ones who think so; check out some recent coverage of our partnership here and here.) Now, with Dell’s capability for in-place compression of data up to 50, 70, and even 90 percent for some files, it is a great way to help handle that growth factor!

There’s tons more we’d love to tell you about how you can reap all the benefits of collaboration and data sharing with SharePoint with our fully integrated AvePoint-Dell solution. Please see our joint Solution Brief for more information


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