Autodesk University 2019 Preview: Dell Delivers F1 Performance to Manufacturing & Engineering Industry Leaders

The Manufacturing & AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) sector has always been about creating safer, stronger, more efficient and more cost-effective products. How do leaders in this industry continue to raise their already high bars? They constantly transform their engineering workflows with the most powerful technology tools so they can develop better designs faster.

Starting today, our most powerful 15” mobile workstation, the Dell Precision 7540, is available with up to an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card option. The combination of the power and thermal design of the Precision 7540 with the world’s first ray-tracing GPU means that technical professionals can tackle intensive design and visualization workloads with ease.

At Autodesk University (#AU2019) this week, Dell Technologies, NVIDIA and HTC specialists will be on hand to offer advice and share demonstrations of the latest solutions for the sector.

Dell Technologies’ customers include some of the world’s leading Manufacturing and Engineering companies, and at #AU2019, we’ll be spotlighting our work with the McLaren Group.

Nose of Lando Norris, McLaren MCL34

The Dell partnership is helping McLaren bring innovation to the forefront as fast as their race cars. Every decision made at the IT level has a direct impact on drivers on the track. The faster McLaren can design and bring components from the lab, the more success they have on the track.

Dell Technologies helps McLaren design, prototype, and develop race car systems more rapidly and efficiently, and deploy complex simulation tools so their drivers and teams know exactly what to expect on race day. McLaren is in a race not just on the track, but also off the circuit as car designs are constantly changing.

The McLaren Formula 1 team and the new McLaren Arrow SP Indycar team rely on Dell Precision workstations during the car development process, using them to help bring their designs to life. The workstations have also helped to adapt McLaren’s design workflow by powering VR and 3D CAD visions where full clay models would have been built historically. By digitizing a significant portion of the prototyping process, McLaren engineers can make tweaks almost instantly, helping them to perfect their cars more quickly, saving valuable resources and money.

The roll-out of Dell Precision mobile workstations across the organization also means that team members have been able to access vital projects on the go, without sacrificing the processing power needed to fuel-intensive workloads.

If you’re attending #AU2019 and are an auto enthusiast (or not!), you won’t want to miss the chance to visit Dell Technologies (Booth #AE300) in the Sands Convention Center. Come check out the stunning McLaren 720S – get a fully-loaded VR experience in the driver’s seat and geek out on the latest technology that drives the supercar’s award-winning design.

We’ll also have an exclusive demo of Autodesk VRED 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software which taps into NVIDIA RTX technology for GPU raytracing and AI-powered acceleration to perform accurate real-time rendering. This demo will be powered by a Dell Precision 7820 tower workstation loaded with two NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 cards and an HTC Vive Pro Eye headset.

Dell and McLaren will also be hosting and participating in various workshops throughout the event. It’s going to be an exciting and busy week for the industry – we look forward to seeing you at the show!

About the Author: Christopher Ramirez