Attention IT Pros: Don’t Pull Your Hair Out, OpenManage Mobile Is Here

At Dell EMC, we create systems management tools so that you can manage all of your PowerEdge servers in a way that works for you. One of our free tools is called OpenManage Mobile (OMM for short). It’s an app on your smartphone or tablet used to deploy, manage, and monitor PowerEdge servers whether you’re managing at-the-server with iDRAC, using RACADM scripts, or from the OpenManage Essentials console. The app is available as a free download in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or MyApp/Tencent (China) app stores.

When you work in an environment that’s always-on and a minor issue can take on epic proportions, grievances are bound to arise, even if you love your job. What, Bob forgot his password for the thousandth time? Jill needs the new servers deployed by the end of the day? It can make you want to pull your hair out. Or scream. Or cry. Or both!

The good news is that OpenManage Mobile can help alleviate your systems management headaches and it might even keep the hair on your head for a few more years.

“I’m chained to my desk or the data center, not enough work-life balance.”

 Companies are increasingly embracing a “work from anywhere” philosophy. A 2016 Gallup report found that 43% of Americans work remotely at least some of the time. Unfortunately, the always-on nature of an IT professional’s job means that you probably feel like you can’t fulfill your duties unless you’re physically in the office. OMM upends this notion. You don’t even need your laptop.

OpenManage Mobile works on mobile devices to access key features of the OpenManage Essentials (OME) console from anywhere. Through OMM, you can receive customized alert notifications on your mobile device automatically as they arrive on the OME console. The newest version of OMM even enables alerts on a wearable Apple Watch or Android Wear device. For IT Pros managing via the OME console*, essential systems management tasks are achievable whether you’re working from home or want to stay connected during non-business hours.

“I spend too much time putting out fires, when I’d rather be working on strategic projects.”

 The CIO at my previous employer was completely sold on the principles touted in Gary Keller’s book, “The ONE Thing.” The book encourages readers to block time every day to focus on becoming an expert practitioner at one thing, leading to loads of professional success. The concept probably seems laughable to IT pros who barely have time to manage the queue of tickets piling up in their inbox. Forget spending time on skill mastery or strategic IT initiatives. OMM may not solve all of your time-management challenges, but it can make some of them better.

Principled Technologies found that using OMM with Quick Sync 2 to perform a basic server setup, view the health of a server, and view server inventory is more efficient than using an LCD screen or crash cart to complete the same tasks. For example, viewing server logs to identify a problem was 28% faster when completed with OMM and Quick Sync 2 instead of using a crash cart. Faster issue identification leads to faster issue resolution, and frees up time for IT pros to work on other projects. OpenManage Mobile timesaving statistics are viewable in Principled Technology’s infographic.

“I’m expected to do more, but with the same budget.”

 Traditionally, organizations’ lines of business have viewed the IT function as a cost center. One consequence of this mindset is the continuous pressure placed on IT to maximize capabilities at the lowest possible cost. And the pressure isn’t going away anytime soon. Gartner predicts that global spending on data center systems will grow a mere 0.3% in 2017. Luckily using OpenManage Mobile doesn’t require an additional investment.

Using OpenManage Mobile to access the OME console or iDRAC remotely is completely free. For IT pros who want to access iDRAC at the server with OMM you’ll need Quick Sync 2. Quick Sync 2 is available on most 14th generation PowerEdge servers at a small fraction of the total server price. The speed, simplicity, and mobility of OpenManage Mobile is within reach even for organizations with a limited IT budget.

  “I don’t have time to learn yet another tool.”

 We’ve all been there; just when you’ve mastered one tool it’s time to learn a new one. It feels like being forced to learn a new language for every new person you meet. No one has time for that. That’s why Dell EMC product engineers have conveniently made OMM compatible with well-known PowerEdge management tools and provided a Demo Mode for easy learning.

If you’re an OpenManage Essentials user, install OMM for mobile access to your normal console. For those used to managing from the LCD screen, OMM consolidates multiple LCD screens. This way you’re able to view LCD info from the highest or lowest server on the rack without straining or crouching, and in the language you’re used to. OMM extends and simplifies time-tested PowerEdge management tools to flatten the learning curve for new users. Plus you can test it out in Demo Mode first to learn the app without altering your actual system.

 Wireless security shouldn’t be an issue for IT pros who want to modernize their data centers using mobile devices. That’s why OpenManage Mobile is equipped with three layers of security: at-the-server, remote connection, and on-device. These security controls ensure worry-free mobile server management. Check out the full technical report on OMM’s security and Dell EMC’s recommended best practices for using the app.

Don’t allow the headaches of systems management to distract you from truly excelling at your job. OpenManage Mobile is here to help. Are these frequent complaints relevant for you? If not, please leave a note in the comments section and make sure to tell us what we missed.

*Select mobile tools are also available for IT pros managing via iDRAC/Quick Sync 2 and with RACADM commands.

About the Author: Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark manages content development and messaging for the PowerEdge line of Dell EMC servers. Rachel brings the PowerEdge story to customers through blogs, thought leadership pieces, and other creative content. Prior to joining Dell EMC, Rachel enjoyed a decade-long career in investment management at the Teacher’s Retirement System of Texas. With three degrees from the University of Texas at Austin, she bleeds burnt orange. She most recently earned an MBA from the McCombs School of Business.