Aster Data’s CEO & Co-founder — Mayank Bawa

As part of the Cloud ISV partner program we announced last month, we are working with “big data” player Aster Data.   When I was out for our launch a few weeks back, I met up with Mayank Bawa, CEO and co-founder of Aster Data.  We got together in my hotel lobby and talked about Aster Data, how it came to be, how they tackle Big Data analysis and how Dell and Aster are working together.  Check it out:

Some of the topics Mayank tackles.

  • How Aster came to be:  came out of the research Mayank and his co-founders were doing at Standford.   They even got seed funding from their professor who had also Google and VMware get their starts when they were projects at Stanford.
  • Aster’s approach: build a data infrastructure that can not only store large amounts of data but also has enough compute power to analyze that data.
  • Tying Map Reduce closely to SQL to produce a language called SQL map reduce.  This allows apps to be run right where the data is stored and managed. The Map Reduce framework allows to apps to be expressed in a variety of languages e.g. Java, Perl, Python, C++.
  • How Aster and Dell are working together:  Bringing a MPP (massive parallel processing) data warehouse infrastructure to their customers.   Building one blueprint so customers can create a self service data warehouse and another to set up infrastructure for big data analytics.

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