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Do you have a question about EMC® Isilon® products that you’d like an expert to answer? You have the opportunity to get your questions answered in the Ask the Expert forum on the Isilon Community.

Ask the Expert forums are regularly scheduled events on the EMC Community Network (ECN), which cover many topics and products. For example, previous Isilon Ask the Expert forums covered topics such as scale-out data lakes and SMB protocol support. Next week, you can connect directly with experts about video surveillance solutions (VSS) and Isilon products.

About this month’s ATE topics

Video surveillance technology has been evolving in leaps and bounds. However, this evolution brings challenges, such as complexity and staggering storage demands. For example, if a company uses 100 cameras and decides to retain the footage captured at a high definition resolution (1080p) for 30 days, they might need up to 190 terabytes of storage.

Video also consumes a lot of network bandwidth. Depending on where cameras are located and how they’re used, a company needs to tailor their IT infrastructure to support streaming video feeds and archiving video data. Additionally, companies need to consider how to deploy a VSS within an existing IT infrastructure, and then integrate video management software (VMS) applications into their current operating environments to process the video data. This is a big shift from closed surveillance systems of the past. These days, repurposing IT assets and approaches is commonplace for video surveillance.

EMC Isilon OneFS configured as a tier 2 target for archiving video data.
EMC Isilon OneFS configured as a tier 2 target for archiving video data.

What’s the bottom line about how EMC Isilon helps with video surveillance? “It’s about simplicity at scale,” says Bryan Berezdivin, Chief Solutions Architect for the EMC Emerging Technologies Division of EMC. When more cameras are added, camera technology changes, or camera configurations are changed to provide higher resolutions or higher frame rates, more storage is needed. Isilon enables customers to easily add more storage and handle these frequent changes in the system with no modifications on the VMS applications.

Last week, EMC announced Isilon as a core solution for video surveillance. You can use the ATE forum to ask questions about deploying Isilon as a core solution, migrating your data, or configuring your Isilon cluster to support specific VSS workflows and architectures.

How to submit your questions to the forum

RSVP today for next week’s Ask the Expert discussions to get email updates about the event.  Questions will be answered between October 13 -27, 2014 by Frank McCarthy (Director of Video Surveillance Solutions within the Global Corporate Practice at EMC), Bryan Berezdivin, Ken Mills (Senior Manager, Business Development for Isilon products), and Joe Catalanotti (Product Marketing Manager with EMC). You can submit your questions to the Ask the Expert forum on the Isilon Online Community.

These experts have extensive experience in the video surveillance industry and with Isilon products. They can answer questions about Isilon topics such as configuration, data protection, disaster recovery, and VSS architectures. Or you can ask about the latest video technology and trends. Learn more about these experts on the Isilon Community site.

If you’re interested in more ATE forums, keep visiting the Isilon Community or ECN event page for upcoming events.

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