Ars Technica’s Server Room forum is loaded with great stuff

Dell has sponsored a forum on the Ars Technica site called The Server Room.  This is how it's described on the forum header:  This forum is dedicated to the "bigger picture" topics–high-level
systems that don't easily fit in the other forums. Before you can build
a server room, there must be understanding of the requirements and
technologies. This forum, then, is for the architects, the designers,
and the decision makers for IT systems.

There are a lot of smart people weighing in there on some interesting threads, such as  Interesting Uses of Virtualization. For example, two scenarios discussed in that thread involve using a VM to circumvent corporate security implementations and using a VM as a surrogate when your laptop goes into the shop.

I recommend this forum to any readers who want to compare notes with talented and smart IT professionals. Of course, if you need help from experts at Dell, don't hesitate to visit the forum on the Dell TechCenter.

About the Author: Marc Farley