Are You Ready for Cloud Control?

[show_avatar align=left avatar_size=30]The worldwide demand for energy, increased competition for capital, and an aging infrastructure, are driving companies in the Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources sectors to search for ways to better manage complex construction projects, boost production, and increase the safety and profitability of refineries, mines, power plants and utility networks.

But managing large volumes of engineering-related content throughout the business life cycle – from exploration and production to facility operation and decommissioning – can create unintentional delays in project completion, and increases costs and risks. An often overlooked aspect of improving the management of engineering projects, plants and facilities, is better content management. Companies that truly want to impact the bottom line need to consider how better content management using industry-specific tools and templates can reduce risk, improve productivity, eliminate costs, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

And, they need to consider whether a traditional or cloud-based approach is best for them. Depending on the organization, there are some additional benefits to having a hybrid cloud or OnDemand environment, such as enterprise-wide content management without additional investments in centralized IT labor or infrastructure. Plus, it could provide added flexibility in the allocation OpEx/CapEx to a project or facility.

To find out if your organization needs better content management, and whether you’re ready for Cloud Control, join the EMC Live webcast “Engineering and Construction Projects:  How Do You Know If You Need Cloud Control?” on June 26. And make sure to share your questions and opinions on other ways to improve the bottom line through this blog and the June 26 event.

About the Author: Gonzalo Merchan