Are you protected and connected?

Millions of business users-and their laptops-travel through busy transportation hubs worldwide each year.  With summer gearing up, it's the perfect time to travel, relax-and have sensitive business data lost or stolen.  

According to the Ponemon Institute, every year a staggering number of laptops are lost or stolen, most of which contain valuable-and highly sensitive-business data.  Today we're expanding our Dell ProSupport commercial offerings to protect business assets and data with Dell ProSupport Mobility Services, a new group of services aimed directly at tackling this for our customers to help them stay protected while connected.   

Some of the new options include:

Also released today is the latest research from the Ponemon Institute.  Sponsored by Dell, the Notebook Lost & Found Study surveyed more than 800 business travelers, with some sobering results that might keep an IT manager or two up at night.

  • 630,000 laptops are lost each year, most of which are lost at airport security checkpoints-between 65-70% of these are never reclaimed
  • 53 % of business travelers carry customer or employee data on their laptops
  • 65% of business travelers have not taken steps to protect sensitive corporation information on their laptops
  • 42% of people say they do not back up their data 
  • 16% of people would do nothing if they lost their laptop while traveling on business
  • 77% of people say there is "no chance" or less than a 10% chance they would recover their laptop if lost in an airport
  • 99% say they have never lost a laptop but 84% say they know someone who has
  • 70% of respondents agree or strongly agree that they rush from the time they arrive at the airport to the time they board the flight
  • 61% of people worry that security checkpoints will cause them to miss their flight

For a full copy of the report, more statistics, and tips and tricks for staying protected and connected, visit

Dell ProSupport Mobility Services are available to customers in the U.S. and Canada through Dell sales representatives or through Dell Registered Channel Partners.   Mobility services will be available in Latin America, Europe and Asia in July and August.

About the Author: Suzanne Atkinson