Application Owners Rejoice – Introducing DD Boost for Enterprise Applications!

Over the past few weeks we’ve covered various aspects of the most recent Data Domain launch including the new Data Domain Operating System and additional detail on secure multi-tenancy. I will be rounding out the Data Domain launch coverage by introducing you to Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications, which provides advanced integration between Data Domain systems and leading enterprise applications via DD Boost software to efficiently protect database and big data environments.  

Let me start by providing a little background.  Today, application owners grapple with increasing difficulty in meeting backup windows in the face of massive data growth. This frustration is compounded when they do not have the control and visibility into their backups that they desire.  So, application owners have started to “bring their own backup” by using their native tools to backup to whatever disk is available even if it is expensive primary storage. All the while, the backup team is also backing up the same database with a traditional backup application.  This is what we call the ‘accidental architecture’ – unnecessary siloes of storage for every application environment – resulting in increasing costs and complexity and causing a rift between application owners and IT.


EMC began to address the accidental architecture with the introduction of DD Boost for Oracle RMAN a couple years ago. The introduction of DD Boost for Oracle RMAN enabled the application owners to backup directly to a Data Domain system from their native utility (RMAN) in a faster and efficient manner via DD Boost. Expanding on the success of DD Boost for Oracle RMAN, EMC has introduced Data Domain Boost for SAP, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2.


So, now these application owners are empowered to control their own backups through the native utilities they are familiar with while eliminating the accidental architecture.  Also, by leveraging Data Domain systems, storage requirements are reduced by 10 to 30x and the Data Invulnerability Architecture ensures reliable recovery every time. With DD Boost, parts of the deduplication process are distributed to the application server enabling client-side deduplication.  So, only unique data is sent across the network reducing bandwidth requirements by up to 99%.

DD Boost for Enterprise Applications bridges the gap between the application owners and IT providing a fast and efficient backup solution for databases and big data that can keep ahead of massive data growth.

About the Author: Alyson Langon