Why is Application Modernization So Compelling?

There are 2 key drivers behind application modernization:

  • Reducing Cost & Complexity
  • Increasing Speed & Agility

In order to achieve your organizations business goals we will recommend a series of actions based on the real world experience of helping many customers modernize their application portfolio and adopt an agile approach to rapid cloud native application delivery.

Multi-cloud Strategy

Do you have control over your application portfolio and can you quickly identify those applications which are the most important to move to a cloud native solution?  Do you know how you should evaluate those workloads to take advantage of all that cloud has to offer?  Which workloads are appropriate to move based on business requirements and do you have the right cloud options to provide to your business?  We have some proven ideas on how to develop a comprehensive multi-cloud strategy based on your unique business needs, current state of technology, industry drivers, and your organizations financial plan.  Developing a shared vision will allow you to establish a foundation upon which you will be able to drive your organization to new heights. You will build a shared vision with a combination of a top-down approach driven from your business Leadership team, for the “WHAT” – which defines outcomes; sets enterprises standards to maintain quality and provide a consistent work environment across the enterprise.  This is augmented through a highly automated and comprehensive bottom-up approach reflecting the state and requirements of IT for the “HOW” – which determines the best approach for achieving the standards defined at the enterprise level.

You can start small with one set of applications and then scale with confidence. Using a series of key questions that help you determine the best disposition for each application, you will validate and build backlogs for your clouds utilizing an aggressive, lean profiling model.

Build Cloud Native Applications

Drive cloud native adoption by replatforming and rewriting the “right” applications and we will help define how best to identify them.  We will help you determine whether your old app is ready for cloud native, and if so we will discuss how you can adapt those applications to take advantage of all that Cloud Native offers. We’ll discuss how we apply an automated approach for performing a 12 factor analysis of your applications.

Best of Breed Tools

We will talk you thru the assessment logic and methods that are utilized to perform this analysis in less time and using fewer resources than others in the marketplace.  This
reduction in time to value, will allow you to compete with startups in your field and move ahead of incumbents in your space.

About the Author: Chip Kalfaian

Chip Kalfaian has 30+ years of hands-on application development and IT leadership experience. Here at Dell Technologies, he leads the Application Portfolio Optimization practice globally and is responsible for developing solutions. Chip focuses on designing solutions that enable customers to decrease the cost and complexity associated with legacy portfolios, while increasing speed and agility in order to enable the business. He believes the challenge of portfolio modernization is to look for small, impactful wins in the near term, while implementing longer-term strategic transformation. Deployment methods draw from processes and technologies that enable rapid assessment of applications and infrastructure and that are implemented through short iterations. This is all harnessed to drive positive business results faster.