Another day. Another #1. All in one place.

These are exciting times to be at Dell EMC as we combine the best of the best in enterprise technology under one roof. And make no mistake about it, this combination now means that we as a company are uniquely positioned to take on the competition; we may be a big fish, but we are just as nimble as ever.

I speak confidently on behalf of the entire team when I say that nothing motivates us more than serving our customers and partners and enabling you to grow to the next level by providing industry leading ease of use, manageability, flexibility, and security. These are core tenets of our combined organization; and a driving force that will never change.

We were thrilled to see new validation of our PowerEdge servers from Gartner and IDC quarterly server market share reports, which show that we are now No. 1 in server shipments worldwide.* However, no top spot could mean as much to us as the support and validation we get from talking to our customers and partners every day. We’re delighted to hear from you, and thrilled to be your server vendor of choice.

If infrastructure is at the heart of the datacenter, then compute is at the heart of that infrastructure. Dell has historically invested heavily in servers, beginning over 20 years ago with the beginnings of the PowerEdge portfolio to today. We now deliver a mighty combination of tower, rack, blade and modular solutions around the globe for any size customer managing any possible workload.

Over the years, our server line has evolved to bring storage ever closer to compute in powerful rack servers like the R730xd. Modular solutions, such as the FX2 datacenter-in-a-box and PowerEdge VRTX, have been winning the hearts and minds of our customers for years now. And we’ve had tremendous innovation at the systems management level as evidenced by our award-winning OpenManage platform, saving customers countless hours and overhead through embedded lifecycle automation and being first to market with iDRAC HTML 5.

Put all of this together with Dell EMC’s best-in-class storage, flexible hybrid cloud and converged offerings, tremendous innovation in hyperscale and just-below hyperscale levels, and we’re able to offer you a solutions powerhouse that’s truly unmatched.

Dell’s No. 1 ranking in servers shipped globally couldn’t come at a better time. The combination of Dell’s enterprise business with EMC is truly unmatched, helping customers with their transformation to the next wave of IT, where servers and data center infrastructure become the backbone for business innovation and success. The industry-leading technology of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers addresses emerging technology demands of workload optimization, performance, manageability and security with a long-term investment in the business outcome of our customers. The future is bright, and we can’t wait to help you shape it.

*Dell was the #1 server vendor in 2016Q2 based on worldwide server shipments.  Source: IDC, WW Quarterly Server Tracker, 2016Q2 Historical Release, September 14, 2016

About the Author: Ashley Gorakhpurwalla

Ashley Gorakhpurwalla has more than 25 years of engineering, business management and executive leadership experience in the IT Industry. He is President and General Manager of Dell EMC’s Server Solutions business, which is responsible for the development of Dell EMC’s broad server solution portfolio, including its innovative and award-winning PowerEdge platforms. Ashley has deep roots in engineering, proven leadership skills, and a commitment to driving innovation on behalf of partners and customers.