Announcing the EMC Isilon Current Patches Info Hub

During our July “Ask the Expert” session, you shared experiences and ideas about Isilon technical content. The new EMC Isilon Current Patches Info Hub is a direct response to your requests for help in quickly determining whether or not content is relevant to you – in this case, content about Isilon OneFS patches.

Concise information about OneFS patches is now available on the new EMC Isilon Current Patches Info Hub. This is the place to find summaries of recently-released patches from EMC Isilon Engineering. Patches are grouped by OneFS release, starting with the most recent releases and patches. The summaries are designed to help you quickly determine what the patch addresses, how important it is, and whether or not you need it.

The Current Patches Info Hub supplements the Current Isilon Patches document.  Use the Current Patches Info Hub to determine whether or not you need a patch. If you do, go to the Current Isilon Patches document for more information about the patch, including the complete description and instructions for downloading and extracting the patch files.

You must be an EMC customer to download Isilon patches. You’ll need to log in to EMC Online Support with appropriate credentials to access the detailed patch READMEs and to download patches.

Check out the EMC Isilon Current Patches Info Hub and let us know what you think. If you have feedback for us about this or any other Isilon technical content, email us at And thank you!

About the Author: Risa Galant