Announcing the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications

Earlier this month Dell and Joyent announced customer adoption stories of the Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications. This isn’t just software to run your cloud – this is a complete PaaS turnkey solution including high performance PowerEdge C servers from Dell and proven Joyent Cloud Management software backed by five years of experience successful public cloud operation for over 30,000 Joyent customers as well as award winning Dell services and support.

Joyent’s software is an integrated technology stack that includes an operating system, application virtualization, data center management and a single development platform all based on the Joyent Smart Computing suite. On top of this, you get the knowledge and experience of Dell Service, so essentially everything you need to stand up your own cloud very quickly.

With Dell and Joyent, service providers can augment their existing businesses by providing cloud services to their customers or develop new, profitable revenue streams in the rapidly growing segment of cloud that IDC expects to grow to $44 billion by 2013.

Dell’s solution with Joyent is not a commodity “me too” cloud – it is a differentiated offering with integrated value-added tools that can improve time-to-market for end users. Web and mobile applications scale without modifying the architecture and this turnkey solution comes preloaded with a rich library of web servers, programming languages, databases and ISV apps in a powerful Joyent UNIX environment. Application virtualization frees developers from the burden of having to simultaneously manage apps and handle cumbersome operating systems and networking administration. Overall stack efficiency is maximized with innovative features such as CPU bursting, which allows apps to leverage up to 95% of available system resources, SmartCache which repurposes unused system memory to significantly improve disk IO, and DTrace to improve operating transparency for real-time diagnostics.

To learn more about The Dell Cloud Solution for Web Applications, I encourage you to visit, your Dell Sales rep or just email me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

David Young
CEO, Joyent

About the Author: David Young