Announcing EMC Isilon OneFS 8.0.1

Announcing EMC Isilon OneFS 8.0.1

It’s here! The EMC Isilon OneFS 8.0.1 release has some great new and updated features that provide benefits on both the hardware and software sides, from security enhancements to upgrade improvements. Read on to find out more.

New Features and enhancements in OneFS 8.0.1

The following are just some of the new features included in OneFS 8.0.1. For details and the complete list of new features and enhancements, see the OneFS 8.0.1 Release Notes. You’ll need to log in to EMC Online Support to access release notes.

Security enhancements

  • CloudPools proxy support means that you can configure CloudPools to route data coming from or going to a public cloud provider through a proxy server. CloudPools works with proxy servers running the SOCKS v4, SOCKS v5, or HTTP protocol. Note that SOCKS v4 does not support authentication.
  • SyncIQ now supports failover and failback of SmartLock compliance mode domains containing protected WORM (write-once-read-many) files. After successful replication and failover, you can continue to work in SmartLock compliance mode domains on the target cluster, adding new files and committing them to a WORM state. When failing back to the original cluster, SyncIQ ensures that WORM files are appropriately replicated back to the SmartLock compliance mode domain.
  • Several new CLI commands were added to support using Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates to enhance communication security over a network.


  • HDFS Ranger integration means that you can use Apache Ranger for security management.
  • HDFS Wire Encryption enables OneFS to encrypt data transmitted between OneFS and HDFS in order to meet regulatory requirements.
  • HDFS Ambari Metrics and Reporting Integration enables the use of Ambari metrics to report on the OneFS cluster.


  • OneFS 8.0.1 includes new LDAP configuration templates. The templates provide pre-selected attributes for different LDAP configurations to make creating and modifying LDAP providers easier.  OneFS 8.0.1 includes a default LDAP configuration template as well as templates for RFC 2307, Active Directory Identity Management for UNIX (AD-IDMU), and LDAP for Samba (LDAPSAM).
  • Security identifier (SID) history preserves the membership and access rights of users and groups during an Active Directory domain migration. This ensures that users and groups retain the same access rights and privileges in the new domain that they had in the previous domain.

Data transfer

  • If you are using Avamar as your data management application, you can set a preferred IP connection for a three-way NDMP data transfer operation. You can specify, modify, list, or view preferred IP settings through the isi ndmp settings preferred-ips command.  Currently, there is no Web administration interface available for this feature.

User interface enhancements

  • Enhanced user interface controls were added to assist OneFS administrators with navigating long lists of SMB share and NFS export names.


  • The Isilon data migration tools now support the non-disruptive upgrade (NDU) cluster upgrade process.
  • OneFS 8.0.1 enhances support for incremental migrations. You can continue to perform incremental migrations from the NetApp and VNX filers after upgrading your cluster to the latest version of OneFS, so you don’t have to restart migrations that are incomplete.

Storage Efficiency for Healthcare PACS workloads

  • The Storage Efficiency for Healthcare PACS feature offers improved storage efficiency for storing small files for Healthcare PACS archive workloads. To find out more, contact your Isilon sales representative.

Upgrading to OneFS 8.0.1

If you want to upgrade to this new release, explore your upgrade options by reviewing the Isilon Supportability and Compatibility Guide. Then, prepare for the upgrade process by reviewing the following:

When you’re ready to upgrade, download the OneFS 8.0.1 installation file from the Download section of the EMC Online Support site.

More information

For more technical information about all of the new OneFS 8.0.1 features and enhancements, refer to the following documents:

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