Announcing the 2nd Generation Dell Technologies Cloud Data Center-as-a-Service

Customers love the speed and flexibility of public cloud but the performance, security and control of on-premises infrastructure. They have been asking for an approach that combines both without introducing organization complexities. Therefore, we introduced VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, the fully managed Dell Technologies Cloud Data Center-as-a-Service last year that combines the benefits of public cloud and on-premises infrastructure, delivered as-a-service to customers. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC delivers cloud-like ease of use to your on-premises workloads and provides consistent operations between on-premises and public cloud environments. The cloud service delivers the VMware Cloud experience on the industry leading Dell EMC VxRail hyper converged platform, providing a fully managed Data Center as-a-Service offering. This solution is co-engineered by Dell Technologies and VMware and on-going services managed by VMware.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMChas officially launched its 2nd generation offering aimed at providing enterprises with a scalable infrastructure service option that solves significant financial and IT team challenges. This release is focused on helping enterprise customers run advanced power-hungry workloads, scalability and enhanced customer experience. The release specifically delivers the following major service enhancements:

Support for advanced enterprise workloads: To satisfy today’s advanced workloads and customers’ need for scalability, this release introduces a new, full-height 42 rack unit infrastructure rack, which includes Dell EMC redundant network switches for host aggregation, redundant Dell EMC smart power distribution units, and redundant SD-WAN remote management devices. With this release, this new rack can support up to 16 hosts. Upcoming releases will further increase this number. This release also broadens the number and breadth of Dell EMC VxRail hosts now offered for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. Our latest VxRail hyper converged hosts are based on dual 2nd generation Intel SP processors, providing 48 cores, paired with 768 GB RAM and 23 TB of NVMe all-flash storage.  This host type is optimal for hosting workloads with heavier CPU, memory, and storage demands such as Database, AI/ML applications, and Virtual Desktop type workloads. For more details on hosts and rack specifications, please review the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC data sheet.

Enhanced customer experience: With the new release comes a newly redesigned customer experience portal. From this portal, customers can access a library of self-learning resources, get status information for various service attributes, add additional capacity to their service and schedule software updates or service calls.

Backup and data protection: The latest release of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC adds the official certification and support of Dell Technologies Data Protection solution portfolio. This solution portfolio comprises multiple software and hardware products that can be combined to create a flexible, custom designed data protection and backup solution optimally tailored to your business needs.

Business continuity support via VDI: In today’s environment, virtual desktops are a critical capability for enabling business continuity as more people work from home. The latest release of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is now fully certified for VMware Horizon to deliver virtual desktops at the edge or in the data center.

Faster time to deployment: VMware HCX is an application mobility platform designed for simplifying application migration, workload rebalancing and business continuity across data centers and cloud. The latest release will make HCX available in a technical preview mode for select customers.

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Please note that availability and terms vary by region. Contact your sales representative for details.

Dell Technologies Cloud is also announcing more cloud-based advancements and services and is hosting a cloud virtual event. This event features Dell Technologies, VMware and Google Cloud executives along with an industry analyst from IDC and shines a spotlight on one of our customers. On-demand replay will be made available following the event. Both the live and on-demand replay is accessible here.

To highlight the launch of the second generation on this Data Center-as-a-Service, VMware is hosting a formal launch event on May 21st, 2020 at 10 AM Central Time. This event is being hosted by theCUBE and will feature interviews and launch presentations. This event will highlight the great progress we have made with this Data Center as-a-Service offering today and what we have in store for the future of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

About the Author: Varun Chhabra

Varun Chhabra is Vice President of Cloud and Edge Product Marketing for Dell Technologies. With over 17 years of experience in the technology space, Varun specializes in the areas of Cloud and Edge technologies, storage platforms, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has been with Dell Technologies since 2015. Prior to Dell Technologies, Varun worked at Microsoft, where he held a variety of product marketing roles supporting the Intelligent Cloud (Microsoft Azure and Windows Server) business, as well as at Oracle, where he was a software developer. Varun has an MBA from the University of Michigan, and a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.