An Update from Eucalyptus’s CTO and Founder

Yesterday at Cloud Expo I bumped in to Dr. Rich Wolski,
CTO and co-founder of Cloud player, Eucalyptus. It had been a while since we
had last talked so I grabbed some time with him and got him to give me the

Some of the ground Rich covers:

  • Eucalyptus’s major release which is coming out in the next 4 weeks
  • [0:40] The RightScale myCloud integration that they
    announced yesterday (linking Eucalyptus private clouds with various public
  • [2:01] Eucalyptus’s relationship with Canonical and how their interests are
  • [3:15] Where specifically Eucalyptus is targeted
  • [4:25] What are some of their goals and product features they’d like to add
    over the next year

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