An ideal remedy for better IT in healthcare

clip_image002Healthcare has changed dramatically in recent years, not least with the adoption of IT and the digitization of patient data. But now we’ve entered a new phase in the development of healthcare IT in which providers want to get more out of their existing investments and deliver even better services to patients.

clip_image004Policlinico San Marco, which operates a number of healthcare and outpatient facilities in Italy, believed it had found a way to meet these goals. Policlinico began a project to expand its virtualized server environment to include storage and upgrade desktops and laptops across its facilities.

The great news for Policlinico is that it boosted the efficiency of its IT and reduced energy consumption by around 10 per cent using Dell EqualLogic storage and Dell™ PowerEdge™ blades. Plus, any concerns about scaling the infrastructure are now in the past and day-to-day issues such as cabling are a fading memory thanks to the compact blade system.

Better still, Policlinico healthcare workers can improve patient care by using Dell™ Latitude™ laptops to access data from patients’ bedsides, leading to a more responsive and faster level of service. What’s more, healthcare workers say it’s easier for them to help patients with the Dell OptiPlex™ desktops. Francesco Camisa, Deputy General Managing Director, Policlinico San Marco says: “The processing performance of the Dell OptiPlex desktop also ensures that personnel can quickly access patient data and see scans and images in detail, helping improve treatment.”

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady