Did You Eat Your Vertical Veggies Today?

In the past year we introduced you to the connected cows of Chitale Dairy, the Indian dairy company that monitors dairy cow habits and health using IoT sensors to automate and improve milk production through a high-speed, high-availability network.

Now you’ll need to make room on your plate for vertical veggies!

stacks of vegetables growing at aerofarms

Dell Technologies customer AeroFarms is on mission to transform agriculture by building and operating environmentally responsible indoor vertical farms throughout the world to enable local food production at scale.

So where does IoT come into play? AeroFarms uses a Connected Food Safety System to track the “growth story” of its products from seed to package – analyzing more than 130,000 data points per harvest! This allows the AeroFarms team to enhance food safety while minimizing the typical risks of traditional agriculture and enhancing their overall “plant IQ.”

AeroFarms Co-founder and CEO David Rosenberg, was hand at the Dell Technologies IQT Day event in New York City this week, to share the company’s story and discuss how his team is working with Dell and VMware to implement intelligent IoT solutions – including Edge Gateways – as the company pursues its growth strategy. Tune into the recorded event to learn more and see how the gateways communicate with wired sensors on and off AeroFarms’ grow towers to process data and ensure the highest quality product.

The AeroFarms team also hosted a group of media, analysts and Dell Technologies executives yesterday for a behind-the-scenes tour at the flagship facility in Newark, New Jersey. The things they are doing in reclaimed former factories and warehouses are nothing short of amazing. And the hair nets and protective outfits made me feel a bit like Matt Damon in his potato garden on Mars!

group of people touring aerofarms

Mother always said to eat your veggies and – thanks to IoT-connected vertical agriculture and AeroFarms – we can all have access to some of the greenest greens possible.

Kevin Terwilliger

About the Author: Kevin Terwilliger

As a member of the Dell Global Marketing Rotation Program I will rotate through 1 year roles over 3 years to develop a strong marketing foundation to build my future career upon. I am currently completing my third rotation as the IoT Solutions Director for Dell’s IoT Division where I lead vertical strategy and the creation of use case specific ‘blueprint’ to help customers realize ROI quicker on IoT deployments. I have been at Dell for 8 years and have completed roles in product design, customer experience, and sales enablement. By leveraging my experience interacting with customers across the product development process, I identify vertical use cases which provide opportunities for the Internet of Things to meaningfully impact customer's businesses. I have been awarded 31 patents for innovative customer solutions, have my MBA from the McCombs School of business, graduating with honors, and international experience working in and with teams located in Asia.