Advancing the Art and Science of Enterprise Content Management

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market is quickly evolving with the advancement of Big Data, mobile, social, and cloud technologies, accelerating the sophistication of business user content and access. This growth is forcing enterprises to transform in a way that allows them to keep up with user demands and business requirements. This is where EMC excels. It’s in our DNA.

I am proud to announce that EMC has once again significantly advanced its Documentum portfolio to address next generation ECM, while continuing to enable customers to increase productivity, improve collaboration and assure governance in the cloud. And all laser-focused on one overriding goal: To transform business through the power of software and solutions that connect information to work.

Spotlight on EMC® InfoArchive – A First to Market

Headlining our announcement is the release of EMC InfoArchive, a next-generation information archiving platform that gives our enterprise customers a powerful, easily accessible, unified archive – but with one game-changing twist: It allows both structured and unstructured data to be consolidated into a single data repository. This means customers can easily retire their legacy applications knowing any type of information can be securely archived and retained while preserving the value of enterprise information.

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That’s not all. It also enables “live archiving,” which lets organizations get higher performance out of their mission-critical applications by moving inactive data to a much more cost effective archive. Unlike traditional passive archives, this information can be viewed or served back to a web portal or application in real-time while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. InfoArchive complements our broader portfolio of Data Archiving offerings, further strengthening EMC’s leadership position.

Evolutionary Approach to ECM

The latest enhancements solidify our Documentum platform as the obvious choice for enterprises that need speed, security, and compliance to manage their information assets. The enhancements include:

Seamless integration of Documentum platform into existing IT infrastructure … Documentum 7.1 platform now supports a broad range of operating environments, including Microsoft (Windows/SQL), Oracle (Solaris/Oracle), IBM (AIX/DB2, Websphere), and Linux stacks. We’ve also increased scalability with new 64-bit architectures on Linux/Unix, while easing deployment and administration – thanks to improvements in the xCelerated Management System.

Interoperability of Documentum with other enterprise applications … Documentum xCP 2.1 boosts agility while preserving investments in Documentum. It also delivers several key enhancements that strengthen xCP as a leading development platform for creating cloud-based information intensive and case management solutions that deliver information when and where users need it.

Improved functionality for increased productivity and user experience… EMC Captiva Mobile Toolkit, which is included with Captiva 7.1, allows users to convert any device equipped with a camera into a document and data capture device. While Documentum D2 4.2 delivers more than 30 enhancements, including intelligent URLs that provide access to content and allow other actions to be initiated such as business processes and approvals – all without coding.

That’s a lot, but we didn’t forget about trust and governance.

We’ve also amped up Kazeon eDiscovery to deliver advanced performance and scalability of up to 1B indexed files for early case assessments of a litigation proceeding.

As you see, EMC is an industry catalyst for transformation, promising bold new technologies that help enterprises store, protect and deliver vital information.  Visit our Community and learn how customers can transform their business.

About the Author: Rohit Ghai