Accessing Support Forums from the Field

Support Forums are an important resource for anyone working with EMC products. Perhaps even more important is the ability to access forums while in the field – when you need them. EMC MOBILE offers a mobile-friendly way to access support forums and other ECN communities alike, wherever you are.

Accessing the Forums is Simple.

EMC MOBILE is available for iPads and 10+ inch Android tablets from the App Store and Google Play respectively. Once you have downloaded the app, you can login to your ECN account simply by tapping on the community icon from the EMC MOBILE home screen.


Once you have logged in, you should see all of the forums and communities you belong to represented in your discussion stream. You can change your followed communities and forums right from the app, or find new forums by performing a search.


Tapping into a specific forum will let you start a new thread, and tapping into an existing thread will allow you to reply.6-EMCMobile-PlayStore-CommunitiesCollage.png

Offline Forums is Coming.

Based on feedback from people who have already discovered the Support Forum feature in EMC MOBILE, we are currently developing an offline experience – so you can access forums even while offline.

SR Management & Knowledge Base Access

Upcoming releases of EMC MOBILE will include additional support features, like SR management tablet style, and the ability to search the Knowledge Base and read/cache articles from your device. These features are in development now – stay tuned!

Let Us Know How We’re Doing

EMC MOBILE is an app driven by its users. To provide feedback or make a suggestion about this or any other feature/function of the app, you can use the app itself, or send us an email and a member of the team will get back to you.Suggest Content.PNG.png

To receive new builds ahead of everyone else, or to help shape the next release of EMC MOBILE, join the beta program. Feedback from users is always welcome, good or bad! You can also contact the team via

EMC MOBILE is currently available for iPad and larger Android tablets.

Available on App Store.png Google Play (2).png

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About the Author: Jillian Loring

I have been with EMC for about 3 years, focused in the mobile space for two. Currently, I manage marketing and some management activities for EMC MOBILE, working with both internal and external users to improve upon and further develop the app as a strategic tool for technical practitioners.