Accelerate with Dell EMC Unity 4.5 Software

More features, higher quality for the Dell EMC Unity storage platform

We’ve always aimed to lead the market in midrange storage, and for many years, that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.

But we know customers are constantly looking for more. We also know it’s a competitive field. And we know, too, that you, our valued Partners, are always keen to find new ways to demonstrate value.

That’s why we never stand still – and a case in point is the latest software announcement for the Dell EMC Unity platform. Dell EMC Unity 4.5 introduces new features and quality improvements that are collectively designed to keep you where you belong – at the forefront in serving customers’ midrange storage needs.

Key features

Dell EMC Unity 4.5 provides new levels of functionality and efficiency.

Advanced deduplication using dynamic pattern detection eliminates multiple copies of similar data blocks, and delivers savings of up to three times overall data reduction. It’s controlled by a function-specific switch under an existing Data Reduction option, and is settable at per LUN/File System/Data Store level.

File management improvements are achieved via Metrosync Manager, enhancing orchestration, replication granularity and failover capabilities for synchronous file replication. It continuously monitors the replication sessions and automatically initiates failover when issues are detected, thereby minimizing downtime.

A file-level retention software feature has been added, protecting files from modification or deletion until a specified retention date. This allows customers to create a permanent, unalterable set of files and directories to ensure data integrity, thereby simplifying the task of archiving data for administrators.

Software-defined storage with high availability is provided courtesy of Dell EMC Unity Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) Professional Edition. It’s offered as a two-node, two-core and Tie Breaker Node, for 10, 25 and 50TB capacity offerings.

Together, these and other features of Dell EMC Unity 4.5 represent significant improvements in performance and flexibility for your customers.

And for you, Dell EMC Unity 4.5 is a demonstration of the innovation, quality and efficiency you bring to your customers – and to which you add significant value as our trusted Partners.

Midrange storage is a big and busy market. Boost your business by exploring the benefits of Dell EMC Unity 4.5 in depth.

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About the Author: Sean Kinney

Sean Kinney is considered an expert in data storage and data protection having spent 20 years in the IT industry. Currently, he is the Senior Director for primary storage marketing at DELL EMC.