A Year of Growth for Syncplicity (and Some New Stuff Too!)

This is a big moment for EMC Syncplicity.  EMC World 2013 is the first anniversary of Syncplicity’s acquisition by EMC.  A year ago this week a team from Syncplicity was on a plane to Vegas en route to their indoctrination into the EMC family, live on stage with Information Intelligence Group President, Rick Devenuti.

It was a whirlwind day, and it hasn’t let up since!

In March we introduced our hybrid cloud, giving customers the ability to choose public cloud or private cloud storage via EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos.  This week we announced upcoming support for EMC VNX, giving our customers even more storage choice.

Now, storage is fantastic but what about the content you are storing? After all, not all content is created equal.

We’ve got you covered there too. Enter: EMC Syncplicity Policy-Driven Hybrid Cloud. EMC Synplicity’s solution will allow IT to set policies for users, groups, and folders that determine where files are stored. And if they want them on premise, they stay on premise. Non-sensitive content could go in the public cloud, while other files remain in a specific data center. Large files like videos and CAD design documents could be replicated globally to optimize performance.

Speaking of providing unprecedented choice, we are excited to announce Syncplicity’s integration with EMC ViPR. ViPR’s software-defined storage layer will give us a way to deploy features across numerous storage solutions and deployment models more nimbly making it easier for EMC ViPR customers to configure their storage environment without having to reconfigure EMC Syncplicity.

A Year of Accelerated Innovation

This has truly been an amazing year for us.

Early on, critics said innovation would be slow. On the contrary, EMC Syncplicity is introducing new features to customers every 4 weeks. Here are just a few highlights:

  • September: Enhanced Enterprise Grade IT Control with Data Retention Policies, Mobile SSO for iOS, and centralized Folder and Device Management
  • October: Industry’s First Mobile Push Sync for iOS
  • November: Syncplicity Connector for Documentum Beta
  • December: Industry’s First Mobile Push Sync for Android, and Mobile SSO for Android
  • January: Storage Choice and Control with EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos Storage Beta, and new User, File, Folder, and Device Audit and Usage Reports
  • February: New Windows 8 Phone and Tablet Apps
  • March: Syncplicity Enterprise Edition featuring EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos Storage GA, Documentum Connector GA, and Integration into EMC Direct and Channel ordering processes expanding distribution opportunities.
  • April: New Dynamic Online File Browser and Windows 8 Live Tiles and Semantic Search

Raising the Bar on User Experience

In the tireless pursuit of providing a frictionless experience, we have big plans such as our new Windows 8 Apps.

But we aren’t stopping there. Check out our new Online File Browser. It’s fast. It’s beautiful. And it’s designed for real business use cases. We’ve made it easier for you to share folders with external collaborators and recover files by showing deleted files inline. Bye Bye, trash can!

The only thing more exciting about the last year is the fact that, this is only the beginning!

About the Author: Jeetu Patel