A Wooden Pencil and an Audio Cassette Tape: A Parable for IT Service Delivery

Today most music is distributed digitally via downloads from the internet. With a few short clicks you can get the album you want and play it on a device that is compact, portable and reliable. And if the experience isn’t quick and easy you’ll simply find an alternative that’s faster or easier. IT service delivery has become much the same way for most organizations.

Today’s IT consumers have increasingly higher expectations – if they can download music in just a few clicks, why can’t IT provide them the same experience for applications and IT services to support their business needs?

Dell’s Virtual Integrated System (VIS) portfolio helps customers improve business agility by speeding IT response by 90% and accelerate workload deployment by 97%. Proving a self-service portal, policy-based governance and workload mobility – across both server and VDI workload delivery – Dell is helping organizations to effectively streamline IT service delivery and enable policy-driven workload management.

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About the Author: Marc Stitt