A Tale of Two Servers – And How They Found Their Perfect Match

At Dell EMC, right now is the best of times. Designing customer-centric products is truly our raison d’etre. So you can imagine the joy we feel when a customer finds their perfect server match. The newly-released R440 and R540 rack servers are designed to fit the needs of two unique customer sets. The R440 is ideal for customers looking for density and especially for scale out infrastructures. Mid-market IT service providers are a perfect fit for the R440. The R540 is built for the diverse application demands of commercial businesses in high-growth economies. It may be a tale of two different servers in two different markets, but in both cases it’s also a match made in heaven.

Excellence in Every Server

Since the company was founded, Dell EMC has been a data-driven organization. And we use that data to better serve our customers. Our search for continual improvement led us to root cause and solve an unimaginable variety of problems over the decades. We embed those solutions into every PowerEdge server, which results in scalable business architecture, intelligent automation and integrated security for every customer.

The R440 + Mid-Market Service Providers

The PowerEdge R440 is optimized for dense, scale-out computing. The R440 is ideal for running virtualization applications and software-defined storage. Intel Xeon™ processors deliver a 27% increase in cores and a 50% increase in bandwidth compared to the previous generation. You can get the R440 with up to two Intel Xeon Scalable processors, with 22 cores per processor. The R440 comes with 16 DDR4 DIMM slots and maxes out at 512GB of memory.

Why is it perfect for the needs of a mid-market IT service provider? Often these customers are looking for not only great performance, but also efficiency. So the R440 is shallower than your standard rack server, without sacrificing performance. Save space in your data center with the R440’s dense 1U node. It can be configured with either four 3.5” or 10 2.5” drives. It’s a great option for service providers interested in expanding capabilities without increasing the data center footprint. Plus, the R440 has the most superior price to performance in its class, with the white-glove service and support that customers expect from Dell EMC.

PowerEdge R440

The R540 + High-Growth Commercial Businesses

The PowerEdge R540 is a 2U, 2 socket rack server. The R540 efficiently handles business workloads like messaging, video surveillance, web-serving, and software-defined storage, to name a few. If you’re interested in software defined storage, the R540 provides up to 140 TBs of storage capacity. So much storage also makes it ideal for data backups, video surveillance and video streaming. It also has up to 512GB of memory.

High-growth countries are increasingly the drivers of the global economy. Commercial businesses operating within these economies are often growing fast as well. For resource-constrained growing businesses, the R540 comes with one-button workload tuning to keep your IT systems optimized without dedicating tons of time and resources from your IT department. The R540 is perfect for this customer set because it balances resources, expandability, and affordability.

PowerEdge R540

The final piece of the puzzle to create the perfect server match is the PowerEdge systems management toolkit. Even if you’ve got the best servers on earth, it won’t do you any good if you can’t manage, monitor and remediate your IT infrastructure efficiently. The R440 and R540 come with iDRAC and Lifecycle Controller to deliver smart automation of everyday tasks. With Quick Sync 2 and the OpenManage Essentials console, both servers are simply managed to optimize your IT resources.

After years of R&D, the R440 and R540 servers are all grown up and ready to go out into the world. And in accordance with every proud parent’s dream, we’re happy that they’ve found their perfect market.

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About the Author: Ravi Pendekanti

Ravi Pendekanti is Senior Vice President of Server Solutions Product Management at Dell, Inc. His organization is responsible for developing and bringing Dell’s flagship line of PowerEdge Servers and Converged Infrastructure systems to market, covering a broad spectrum of global customers from cloud service providers and small businesses to large enterprises and organizations, all running a wide range of workloads. Most recently, Ravi served as the Vice President of the Platform Business Group at Oracle where he looked after GTM activities including Product Marketing and Sales Enablement related to the platform business that included Engineered Systems (Exadata, Exalogic, OVCA and SuperCluster), Servers, Solaris and Networking. With over two decades of extensive global experience in the enterprise and SMB segment in both hardware (servers, storage and networking) and software, Ravi has also held leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics. He holds a MS in Computer Science and BS in Electrical Engineering.