A Solution for Speeding Development and Delivering More Choice

In a world where the only constant is change, IT departments have no choice but to implement a solution that enables rapid development. That’s why cloudour customers look to the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution. Businesses that are running on our hybrid cloud infrastructure aren’t the only ones who are innovating on a daily basis. Our engineers spend thousands of hours designing, proving, testing and enhancing fully engineered solutions that will drive businesses into the digital era with utmost success. So, what additional software services have we enhanced our solution with?

The latest release, now generally available, delivers expanded data protection services, updated infrastructure options, increased scalability and more to address mixed workloads including traditional enterprise workloads such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.   The solution also helps reduce operational costs by speeding the software delivery lifecycle with a new add-on option for VMware vRealize Code Stream.   Let’s look into how this works exactly.

Reduce Costs and Speed Development with Application Lifecycle Automation for Continuous Delivery

human head with an interface icons
human head with an interface icons

How much more efficient would your IT team be if they didn’t have to attend to tedious, error-prone tasks anymore? That’s the idea behind the integration of  vRealize Code Stream. This new add-on module to the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud automates the software release pipeline for application development. By automating the tasks required to build, deploy and test at each stage in the release delivery pipeline, including gating rules between stages, vRealize Code Stream enables continuous delivery allowing application developers to push the latest enhancements users are asking for. Not to mention, this helps to reduce operational costs by speeding up the software delivery lifecycle, allowing applications provisioned by the solution to be pushed automatically from development, to test and production.

Expanded Data Protection Services

But what would a reactive, efficient IT staff be without proper protection? Enterprise solutionHybrid Cloud has expanded RecoverPoint disaster recovery protection services for business critical workloads including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft that are run on EMC VMAX3 and EMC XtremIO arrays. Organizations with EMC VPLEX Local and VMAX3 arrays now have the option to add RecoverPoint protection services for critical workloads in those environments. Similarly RecoverPoint protection is now available between XtremIO arrays across two sites.

Remember back to when I mentioned that the only constant in today’s world is change? Well, EMC understands that holds true for your workload requirements too. We’ve updated our solution to give you the flexibility to modify data protection services to existing provisioned or migrated workloads.   Enterprise Hybrid Cloud now gives IT consumers the flexibility to add, remove or modify backup and disaster recovery services at any time throughout the workload lifecycle – all automated via the self-service catalog for resource optimization.

New Infrastructure Options and Increased Scalability

Just like your business requirements, our fully engineered solution is also constantly being iterated and improved upon. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud has been updated to leverage the latest hardware and software from EMC and VMware. Customers now have the solutionoption of an all flash cloud with expanded storage array support for tier 0 workloads with EMC XtremIO 4.0.  VCE converged infrastructures offer the fastest and simplest path to the hybrid cloud.  That’s why in our 3.5 release, we’re now offering VCE VxBlock as an option upon which to build the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution.  And it doesn’t stop there; coming soon will be an option for VCE VxRack as well.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud extends the Software-Defined Data Center with the new features from VMware vSphere 6 and NSX 6.2.1 technologies.   vSphere 6 delivers increased scalability with 2x more compute power and 4x more memory capacity for VMs running your most demanding business critical applications from Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Product and Platform Updates

Being an engineered solution, Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is always updating support for products and platforms and this release is no different. The solution has been tested, qualified and validated to include:

  • solutionAvamar 7.2
  • VMware vSphere 6.0
  • VMware vRealize Automation 6.2.3
  • VMware NSX 6.2.1
  • ViPR Controller 2.4
  • XtremIO 4.0

Infrastructure Services for OpenStack Development

VMware Integrated OpenStack is a VMware OpenStack distribution offering a rich set of OpenStack APIs for open source developers to consume hybrid cloud resources with the same VMware tools they’re already familiar with.   VMware Integrated OpenStack can co-exist with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, both leveraging much of the same infrastructure, each running independently. On-demand access to enterprise-grade infrastructure resources allows developers to build cloud native applications with confidence.

What’s Next?

solutionEnterprise Hybrid Cloud will continue to evolve with new capabilities, enhancements and ecosystem extensions to deliver new levels of business agility and automated IT services to our customers. If you already have Enterprise Hybrid Cloud we offer services and guidance for upgrading to the 3.5 release.   For new customers who are just beginning their cloud journey, we have expanded capabilities to help you truly deliver IT-as-a-Service.

Want to Learn More?

We have lots of resources you can leverage to learn more about Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.   You can even engage with our experts in our cloud community.


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