A New One-Stop-Shop for EMC Isilon OneFS Upgrade Content

When upgrading to a new version of the EMC Isilon OneFS operating system, there are several planning documents you’ll need to review before initiating the code swap, including the Isilon OneFS Upgrade Planning and Process Guide, the Isilon Supportability and Compatibility Guide, and OneFS release notes. But searching for these different documents on the EMC Online Support site can be time-consuming. It can also be tricky to figure out which documents to consult and in what order. To help OneFS customers research the entire OneFS upgrade process—from planning to post-upgrade validation—we’ve created the OneFS Upgrades – Info Hub.

An Info Hub is a web page on the Isilon Community that serves as a nexus of useful content related to a specific topic. The goal of an Info Hub is to provide OneFS customers with a single point of entry to a rich array of documentation links. We continuously update the Info Hubs with new customer support content.

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Guidance on the OneFS upgrade process

No matter which version of OneFS you plan to upgrade to, this Info Hub can serve as your one-stop-shop to steer you through the process. While the Isilon OneFS Upgrade Planning and Process Guide is the definitive how-to guide to help you plan for and perform the OneFS upgrade process successfully, the OneFS Upgrades – Info Hub features quick links and product announcements that will ease and enhance your upgrade planning.

Add a bookmark to this Info Hub in your web browser and refer to it the next time you need to research upgrade questions or find upgrade-related documents.

Here are some highlights of what this Info Hub contains:

  • A new EMC Isilon OneFS Upgrade Process Flowchart
  • Links to information about EMC Remove Proactive services
  • Links to relevant knowledgebase articles about upgrade issues
  • Updates about current firmware releases and their impact to specific OneFS versions
  • Steps for performing the upgrade

The OneFS Upgrades – Info Hub will be refreshed frequently with new and relevant information, so check it often. We’re interested to hear how this new information source works for you. You can leave feedback in the comments section, fill out this Isilon Documentation Feedback survey, or send an email to docfeedback@isilon.com.

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